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Riding on a Train

Written by Essexgirl09 on 02 Nov, 2013

During my recent holiday in the Ukraine, I had the opportunity to take a couple of overnight train journeys, using the national passenger rail service, Ukrainian Railways, which was founded since independence in 1991. This company built on the railway infrastructure initially laid under Austro-Hungarian…Read More

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Spend a day Here

Written by Essexgirl09 on 26 Sep, 2013

Ukraine’s smallest region is called Bukovina, and is situated in the South West of the country between the Carpathian Mountains, and the borders with Moldova and Romania. The principal city of this region is the small, pretty city of Chernivtsi. The city has had…Read More

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A day in Ternopil

Written by Essexgirl09 on 15 Sep, 2013

Ternopil isn't on most tourists' must-visit lsts, and here are some suggestions of what you can do/see whilst you are here.Lake Ternopil - actually a man-made reservoir, expanded and improved upon during the Soviet era when the local river was dammed. You can get a…Read More

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Maidan - Kiev's centre piece

Written by dangaroo on 04 Nov, 2012

It took me a long time to visit Ukraine's capital Kiev, something I always wanted to do, I'd never really found the time for it. I'd headed there without reading a great deal about sights or things to do, I just planned to figure it…Read More

Dorohusk border crossing (Poland-Ukraine-Poland)

Written by dangaroo on 17 Jul, 2012

Going to Ukraine for Euro 2012, I was surprised by certain changes from previous visits and there was a distinct difference at the border. There was a real international make up when it came to the passengers on the Warsaw bus and having been ushered…Read More

Hitch hiking from Kiev to the Polish border

Written by dangaroo on 10 Jul, 2012

Less than a month before going to Kiev to watch the football, I'd been stranded in the northern Greek town of Florina and had sworn to myself that I'd never hitch hike again. Here I was though, having been easily convinced by a friend who…Read More

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Written by manatwork on 28 Nov, 2011

I took a 9-hour train ride from Kyiv to Lviv. A second class cabin cost 170 hryvnia or UAH (approximately $25), and it comes with a set of comforter, blanket, pillow and towel. There is also a tea/coffee service. The hostel that I stayed…Read More

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Exploring Kiev

Written by manatwork on 12 Oct, 2011

Think of Communism, and I would associate it with a yellow star in a bright red background. Ukraine was integrated into the Russian Empire in the 1900s' until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. As I flew over the Atlantic Ocean to Kyiv,…Read More

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An Introduction to Chernivtsi

Written by fizzytom on 07 Mar, 2011

Situated in south western Ukraine, the city of Chernivtsi is usually over-shadowed by its (relatively) near neighbour Lviv, which is a shame because it's a very handsome city that is worth a day or two of your time if you happen to be travelling in…Read More

Across the Great Divide

Written by michaelhudson on 14 Jul, 2010

"Happy Constitution Day!" I wished the students who'd turned up despite the bank holiday. "Constitution Day?" snorted one, waving his hand dismissively in the air, "It's something for people in the west of Ukraine."It was the answer I'd expected to get. For most Odessits, their…Read More

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