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Virgin River Recreation Area

Written by Linda Hoernke on 23 Apr, 2001

This 84,700-acre wilderness contains a wide variety of plant and animal life, from low desert area at 2,400 feet to pine and fir forests surrounding Mt. Bangs at 8,012 feet, there is years of exploring the hiking trails and historical sites in this area. Part…Read More

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Snow Canyon

Written by Linda Hoernke on 22 Apr, 2001

St. George is an outdoor lovers paradise. Snow Canyon and the Arizona Strip District offers contrasts from the Mojave Desert at 2,000 feet above sea level in the Virgin River Gorge, to the 10,000-foot Alpine wilderness on the ridges of Pine Valley Mountain. Located in…Read More

St. George, Utah

Written by Moosue on 20 Feb, 2003

My wife and I believe that St. George is one of the best kept secrets among the RCI Community. Every morning when we went around the World Mark, we noticed that about 90 percent of the cars parked there were from Utah. Others were…Read More

Biking at St. George

Written by metak8 on 30 Aug, 2006

Finding a rental bike with slick tires, or anything resembling a road bike in Utah, is a needle-in-the-haystack situation. You may find a bike shop that will install slick tires onto a hefty mountain bike so you can enjoy the paved trails and quiet streets…Read More

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