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Back to Kampala: Haggling & Hold-Ups

Written by Liam Hetherington on 06 Feb, 2012

Any journey in Uganda is entertaining. And even though the road back to Kampala from Lake Bunyonyi was surfaced and even though the bulk of the journey, from Ntungamo onwards, was retracing the route we had followed on our way south, it still had plenty…Read More

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The Road to Bwindi

Written by Liam Hetherington on 06 Feb, 2012

Robert said the drive down to Bwindi from Kampala would take about eleven hours. He was spot on to the minute.Rather than trusting the public transport we had booked a driver. There is one bus every other day from Kampala to Butogota, leaving the traveller…Read More

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Walking with Gorillas

Written by Liam Hetherington on 02 Feb, 2012

The rustling in the undergrowth grew louder. And then, from behind a tree, a fully grown male silverback gorilla sauntered into view. Without glancing at us he knuckled away.Breathlessly I took stock of our surroundings. We had emerged out of the damp forest canopy where…Read More

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A Royal Welcome

Written by Gary Stapleton on 05 Oct, 2008

My wife and I have just returned from a trip to Uganda. Having never been there before, we had no pre-conceived ides as to what to expect and I think that served us well. An unusual choice of destinations, yes. Our only reason to set…Read More

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Written by rufusni on 31 Jul, 2007

This town in the southwest of Uganda is fairly non-descript and tourists only tend to come here on their way to trekking to see the mountain gorillas. However, the scenery around the town is spectacular with extinct volcanoes making up the mountain range that soars…Read More

Kasese smiles

Written by gemdenoel on 27 Sep, 2004

Out of my whole 4 months of staying in Uganda, the town that had the biggest impact on me was my stay in Kasese. It was there that world events took a great change in shape and the African perception of me as a white…Read More

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Nancy Reagan Advices to "Just Say No"

Written by jjackman on 22 Feb, 2008

When I was in 9th grade I ate an earth worm for extra credit in a science class. Being that it was worth 100 extra credit points and the mounting pressure from my classmates that had already eaten one I chewed it up and swallowed…Read More

Romance in K'la City

Written by re.bekah on 20 Dec, 2006

Living in Kampala as a white female requires a certain amount of humor and resilience to deal with the constant barrage of redundant pick-up lines. The persistence of certain men, who find you desirable even when you’re stumbling hungover through the taxi park at six…Read More

Aweno Market

Written by travelista1 on 24 Aug, 2006

Located near the bus park, Aweno market is one of the busiest spots in Kampala. Be sure to keep a close watch on your bag, or better yet don't take one. The market is always full of people who want your business and will…Read More

Where to stay

Written by travelista1 on 24 Aug, 2006

My favorite place to stay is at the Nile River Explorers/Backpackers Hostel. The hostel has a main accommodation near the town of Jinja and also a camp right at Bujagali falls where you can see the rafting. The people that work for NRE are…Read More

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