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Graz in the Spring!

Written by sylvia13 on 30 May, 2006

After a long and cold winter, I suddenly started seeing Graz with different eyes, so I went out with my camera and took many pictures of the city in bloom! It was particularly nice in the Stadtpark, so I did not get much further, as…Read More

Coming to Graz

Written by sylvia13 on 29 May, 2006

The first time I went to Graz was in September 1989, when I was single and on my way from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, to Johannesburg, South Africa. After 12 years I was leaving the Dominican to go and meet Gernot, an Austrian…Read More

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What to See and Do

Written by CoBiPe on 25 Jan, 2004

Our first task was to find the perfect wedding venue. We looked at wineries and at different castles in the immediate vicinity of Graz and ended up at Schloss Stainz (Castle Stainz), an incredible castle with breathtaking views about 20 minutes southwest of Graz (check…Read More

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Written by Sammy Lagios on 26 Oct, 2010

By my first visit at the city of Graz i desparatelly wanted to see and visit everything that wasincluded inthis amazing city of Steirmark Austria. As i got up in the morning and after taking a vey good shower i decided to visit my friends…Read More

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Written by Sammy Lagios on 01 Oct, 2010

At the historic city of Graz in Austria too many things can impress any visitor and one of them is the marvelous clock Tower which gives access to anybody to admire all the citybeing spreaded on his feet.Not once or twice but all the times…Read More

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Written by Sammy Lagios on 29 Sep, 2010

When the Easter stared knocing the door of Cologne another wind started blowing in the crowdy city and the civilians started moving faster and faster getting out of the winter's prison to wellcome the Easter days.This wind transformed the monotonous city into an energetic one…Read More

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Written by Sammy Lagios on 29 Sep, 2010

You can't imagine what i love mostly when i visit Austria. It's my secret but i think thatanybody of you get it and this my love for the small chocolates called MOZARTEUM because the name was given to honor him in many other products.These chocolates…Read More

Graz My Short Story In Austria

Written by Sabine Lagios on 14 Aug, 2010

I visited Austria quite a lot of times but the city which remained in my mind - because i visited it pretty many times is GRAZ. i would say thebest about this city because its traditional and has a lot to shaw to anyone of…Read More

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The Schlossbergbahn (funicular)

Written by fizzytom on 31 Mar, 2009

This is one of the two lazy ways (OK three if you cn get a ride up in a car) to get to the top of the castle hill in Graz. There has been a funicular here since 1894 although the one I'm writing about…Read More

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