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Caneel Bay for the Unwashed Masses: A Beach… And More

Written by pepperpot on 23 Nov, 2004

For the Dude and me, a trip to the beach at the ultra-deluxe Caneel Bay resort was a mere pretext. You see, a few days before, we’d been on a taxi-shuttle to Cruz Bay when it had happened to stop at the resort to let…Read More

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The Maho Experience

Written by pepperpot on 23 Nov, 2004

If you’re considering staying at Maho Bay Camps, here are some more details and handy hints on life at Maho. (If you don’t know anything about Maho yet, start by reading my accommodation entry, which should give you a basic idea of what it’s like…Read More

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An Island's Identity Crisis

Written by Jose Kevo on 22 Jan, 2003

St. Thomas is shopping capital of the Caribbean. St. John known for its National Park. Yet in numerous conversations, ranging from top tourism officials and owners to average locals, there seemed to be one common concern: What is the niche of St. Croix? I…Read More

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Taking an IGO-sponsored Press Trip

Written by Jose Kevo on 01 Aug, 2002

There's likely few contributors to our website who haven't dreamed of traveling around the globe as some type of travel writer and getting paid for their efforts. IGO's version is to send top writers on all-expense paid Press Trips sponsored by Board of Tourisms…Read More

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THE MAN - Turning Vision into Mission

Written by Jose Kevo on 08 Jul, 2002

Using the long flight to familiarize myself with Stanley Selengut, the founder and President of Maho Bay Camps, I wasn't sure what to expect from spending my next 36-hours with this man. His press-release biography included such accomplishments, dating back to the 1950's, as: Creating…Read More

Getting around

Written by Travelin Fools on 12 Nov, 2000

One of the things that excites me the most about being on St. John is the ease with which a person can get around without the convenience of a rental car. There are licensed taxis stationed at the major beaches, the campgrounds and if…Read More

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Scooter Rental

Written by jim on 14 Oct, 2003

I can’t imagine a better way to see the island. We had a ton of fun riding around and it seemed pretty safe. It was $60 well spent. We definitely got a thorough safety briefing at the beginning of the rental, which…Read More

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Island Tour of St. Thomas

Written by figgy0223 on 19 Jan, 2005

This was my second time in St. Thomas, and I fell in love with it all over again. The port of Charlotte Amalie is beautiful, and the island is very clean. There are amazing beaches such as Sapphire and Coki and breathtaking views…Read More

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Snorkeling around the U.S. Virgin Islands

Written by jim on 14 Oct, 2003

I can’t imagine going to St. John and not going snorkeling and/or scuba diving. The water is so crystal clear and blue that it is irresistible. So we rented a twenty foot boat at the Westin Resort and headed out for the day.…Read More

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America's East-Coast Version of Hawaii

Written by CarolinaPanthers1983 on 28 Dec, 2008

I was on a cruise with my wife when we stopped at St. Thomas. The second I stepped foot on the island, I knew that I was finally in paradise. The air smelled refreshing and clean. The land was very beautiful with yachts sailing…Read More

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