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A Day With the National Bird

Written by Jalpari on 06 Apr, 2005

"For a woman, you sure act very manly," Dotun laughed and whispered in my ear. I slapped him on his arm again and shushed him for the umpteenth time in the taxi on our way to see the birds. I was making him go to…Read More

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Maracas Beach

Written by gerbear69 on 19 Feb, 2005

The most popular beach destination in Trinidad is Maracas Beach. The road to get to the beach curves through the mountains, with nice views of Port of Spain, the country's capital, lush green landscape, and the blue Caribbean. Be sure to stop at the lookout…Read More

Tobago Tourism Turns Turtle

Written by miss_vixen on 29 Jul, 2004

The Caribbean beaches of Tobago are nesting sites for several species of marine turtle, including the Hawksbill, Green and Giant Leatherback. All of these are endangered, and the Hawksbill and Leatherback have recently been reclassified as critically endangered due to a decline of 95%…Read More

The Gilpin Trace Forest Reserve

Written by miss_vixen on 06 Jul, 2004

The Gilpin Trace is part of the Tobago Forest Reserve, the oldest protected area of rainforest in the western hemisphere. It was given protected status by British scientists in 1776, at a time when much of the land was being cleared for sugar cane and…Read More

Gay Trini

Written by emly on 24 Jul, 2003

During our stay in Trinidad, we became good friends with a girl living above us who happened to be a lesbian. I say this with a view to describing gay Trinidad as best I can from the viewpoint she gave me. Gays and lesbians are…Read More

Hitting the rum shops - a bar hopper's guide!

Written by emly on 24 Jul, 2003

Sadly, I have a somewhat hazy memory of the names of some of the establishments I frequented in the evenings, probably due to my rum consumption (a bargain at $6 tt a go). But here are some places with names that come to mind! I have…Read More

Tobago - Go with the Flow

Written by LindaW on 29 May, 2005

Tobago is a beautiful island, not just in the scenery, but the people also. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. Leroy from Sandy Point was quick to describe the difference between American and Tobago citizens. Americans walk fast and talk slow,…Read More

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Written by JANUS on 02 Nov, 2000

Full day on a trimaran with only 9 people on board under the able command of owner/skipper Scott and his right-hand man Martinu, further added to our enjoyable experience of this island.We sailed along the west coast of Tobago in the Caribbean Sea, stopping…Read More

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Island Tour

Written by JANUS on 02 Nov, 2000

Mr.Davidson, our private driver and guide,who is always on hand at Coconut Reef offering his services , gave us the grand tour of the island. Harley, as his friends affectionately called him,turned out to be a very amiable gentleman,in spite of or perhaps even…Read More

Amazing Trinidad

Written by vijoyp on 19 Jun, 2006

This is an amazing place, full of life. Port of Spain is the capital and full of life and business, there are a lot of nice things to see like the beach which is beautiful white sand beach...they have great calypso music as well. In…Read More

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