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Stories and Tips Joshua Tree National Park

Best Way to Deal with the Heat!

Written by tmhhmt on 15 Jul, 2002

Get up early, really early - between 5 & 6. The weather will be flawless, the temperature in the 60s or 70s. Walk, hike, bike, wear yourself out. Between 8 & 9 the sun will hit you full force and the temperature will start toward the…Read More

Park Center

Written by tmhhmt on 15 Jul, 2002

Not affiliated with the park but think they share profits with the park. This place was closed for a remodeling when I was in town recently but didn't want to neglect mentioning it. They sell guide books of the park & surrounding areas, maps &…Read More

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Jurassic Architecture

Written by tmhhmt on 15 Jul, 2002

Take Route 62 to a street called Cascade, make a right (east) onto Cascade. Go to the end and you'll hit a dirt road, make a left and in front of you, about a quarter mile is the oddest house ever. Well, maybe not ever. It's owned…Read More

Highway Patrol

Written by tmhhmt on 15 Jul, 2002

There is a highway patrol office in the middle of Joshua Tree on route 62 (the main drag). In other words, you can get tickets easily. I've never gotten one because I'm paranoid but I always see people getting pulled over around there. A friend…Read More

Joshua Trees

Written by jaredguid on 14 May, 2001

I had never seen a Joshua Tree before this trip. I could not believe the sheer volume of these trees in the park. They look like tree trunks with no leaves and huge palmetto thorns on the ends. They sort of look…Read More

Restroom Areas

Written by jaredguid on 14 May, 2001

Surprisingly, Joshua Tree National Park had several great restroom areas located in convenient areas of the park. Most of these were free-standing buildings and were relatively clean (for a public facility).…Read More

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