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A Short Overview

Written by Koentje3000 on 24 Feb, 2010

Although Stavanger is mostly overlooked by tourists in Norway, rushing between the Norwegian capital Oslo and the fjord's gateway Bergen or hurrying upwards to Trondheim or the North Cape, it is definitely worth a visit. This friendly city is with its 120.000 inhabitants the 4th…Read More

Exploring the Ryfylke Islands

Written by girlfromals on 08 Oct, 2006

The Ryfylke Islands, located north of Stavanger, are full of sites and attractions. There are so many places to visit you cannot possibly see all of the sites in 1 or 2 days. We wandered Mosterøy, Sokn, Bru and Åmøy by car simply following the…Read More

Inside cabins available on this ship

Written by samepenny on 15 Feb, 2001

Unlike her newer sister the Crystal Symphony, the Crystal Harmony does have a number of inside cabins (staterooms) that sell for several hundred dollars less per cruise than outside rooms on the same deck. As I have had both inside and outside rooms on…Read More

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The Wedding - Part I

Written by girlfromals on 15 Oct, 2006

My journey to Stavanger began 14 years ago. How, you say, is that possible? To make a long story short, this crazy Canuck decided to leave her small Prairie town for the adventures of a high school exchange to Denmark. At the age of 18,…Read More

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Thoughts about Stavanger

Written by Gard on 19 May, 2003

Stavanger is located in the area Rogaland in the south-west coast of Norway. The people that live here are still debating whether we belong to the south of the country or if we can regard ourselves as true westeners. So far we have not been…Read More

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English spoken in Norway?

Written by samepenny on 05 Dec, 2000

The short answer is substantially 'yes'. I find that much Norweigan is not all that difficult to understand if you take your time at it. (Allowing that I grew up in an area of the United States which was settled by many people…Read More

Stavanger as a home base for travelers

Written by samepenny on 02 Dec, 2000

Stavanger has an international airport which has many flights due to the amount of people traveling for the oil industry. It is also a major stop on the Norweigan ferry system. It is on the railway and has very good bus connections on…Read More

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What is a fjord? A geography lesson.

Written by samepenny on 02 Dec, 2000

I have often been asked, when raving about the travels I've made, 'what is a fjord?' The answer is simple. A fjord is a body of water that comes off of an ocean or bay. It is requently surrounded by hills of…Read More

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Stavanger Tourist Card, get it for up to 50% discounts

Written by samepenny on 05 Dec, 2000

Called the Stavanger Card, sold mostly at hotels, post and tourist offices, it gives the visitor sizeable discounts. You can buy a 1, 2 or 3 days pass. When I was there a one day pass costed NKr110. Telephone 51/85-92-00. This is the…Read More

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The Tall Ships Race Begins out on the ocean

Written by samepenny on 02 Dec, 2000

We departed Savanger at 4 pm and slowly followed the Tall Ships out to the starting line. The race, to start about 6 pm. Boats, boats, ships all about us. The Tall Ship Christian Radich exchanged formal greetings, gifts and flags with…Read More

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