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Steam train to São João del Rei

Written by Adelaide on 03 Dec, 2000

If you haven't got to Tiradentes by train from São João del Rei, it's worth taking the 'Maria Fumaça', a steam train, the oldest passenger train still in operation in Brazil. This is the last stretch in operation from the Estrada de Ferro Oeste de…Read More

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The streets of Tiradentes

Written by Adelaide on 01 Dec, 2000

Tiradentes caught my heart with its old stone-paved streets and houses of delicate windows. The city's historical center was registered as a National Historical Heritage site in 1938 and thus Tiradentes preserved its beautiful colonial architecture, stone-paved roads and barroque churches.…Read More

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Other churches and chapels

Written by Adelaide on 01 Dec, 2000

The Santuary of the Holy Trinity is from the beginning of the 19th century. Less luxurious than the Church, it pleased me a lot. Tiradentes has many other old churches and chapels, most of which do not open everyday. Also of interest are the tiny…Read More

Brief history of Tiradentes

Written by Adelaide on 01 Dec, 2000

The city of Tiradentes originated from the little village Ponta do Morro, settled in the beginning of the 18th century. Since the last years of the 17th century, Tomé Portes del-Rei had explored the right to cross Rio das Mortes at a spot known as…Read More

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