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Written by nmagann on 29 Oct, 2012

Kinmen Island or Jinmen on some maps was known as Quemoy back in the days when Taiwan was known as Formosa. A mere 60 minute ferry ride from the west side of Xiamen Island, China and 30 minutes from the east side, Kinmen Island…Read More

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Historic Walking Tour

Written by nmagann on 27 Oct, 2012

Jincheng offers a very nice self-guided walking tour that begins at the information center, which is conveniently located next to the bus station and entrance to the Civil Defense Tunnel. Although the map isn't in English, photos with the names of buildings are in…Read More

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Whew! A Place to Sleep.

Written by nmagann on 24 Oct, 2012

With map in hand pointing to Chinese characters meaning Wutong Pier to the taxi, I arrived at the ferry dock. Choosing a seat by a window, I realized all were too dirty to see out. A man sat down next to me and…Read More

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