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My Favorite Travel Experience

Written by JaysFun on 23 Oct, 2008

While in the Air Force, I got to live in a residential hotel in Rimini, Italy for 4 months. It was the time of my life!I stayed in Rimini in 1999, and the hotel had a makeover since I've been there. It looks almost entirely…Read More


Written by nouvelle39 on 10 Aug, 2005

We went into the Rimini region of Italy for vacation in May. Since Rimini is a largely Germanic vacation resort, it was a totally different experience than even Rome was. We spent most of our time in the small town Santarcangelo and stayed…Read More

Discos and Nightlife

Written by Stella on 03 Oct, 2000

The Discoteques in Italy are amazing. They beat New York, Boston and LA. People are friendly and out to have a good time, not just to look good. A free drink is usually included with the cover charge, the music has more…Read More

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