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Planning a trip to El Beni, Bolivia? Whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent visitor, a business traveler or a budget explorer, IgoUgo has all the travel-planning tools and resources you need to create a memorable vacation. Read traveler reviews of the top hotels, restaurants, and things to do; browse amazing photos; ask for advice in our friendly travel forums; and find cheap El Beni flights and hotels. Then, after your trip is over, share your travel reviews, tips, and photos with friends and fellow travelers right here on IgoUgo.

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Asia Perfect

Written by SeenThat on 05 Jun, 2011

One of the joys of traveling in Southeast Asia are the night markets. I couldn’t have been happier – meaning while in the Beni – than when I spotted Yucumo’s night market. It was almost an exact replica of such institutions in Asia. A bit…Read More

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Travel Hub

Written by SeenThat on 05 Jun, 2011

Despite all the Global Village talk, internet, Google Earth, IgoUgo and a myriad of new information tools, maps and information on remote routes remain sketchy; especially so information capable of putting all the relevant, but tiny, data bits available within a logical and workable format.…Read More

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This isn’t even Sultana!

Written by SeenThat on 05 Jun, 2011

I had been told San Borja was the Beni’s travel hub. The last tend to be good friends of travelers, thus I have a weakness for them. Since I expect returning to them in future adventures, I pay special attention to details, especially those related…Read More

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On the Beni

Written by SeenThat on 03 Jun, 2011

At the center of South America, what is now Bolivia was a central player in the complex history of this continent. The Inca Empire was born here by the migration of people from the Altiplano to Cusco. Then, the Spaniards transformed Potosi into the richest…Read More

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