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Taking the time to consider my own good fortune

Written by saraherose on 03 Apr, 2001

The nine days I spent in this marvelous, vibrant, essential country gave me many more gifts than the ones I packed in my suitcase to bring home to family and friends. My time in Senegal awakened a deep connection for me to this world,…Read More

4 Photos  

Written by kdieng on 20 Feb, 2001

When driving, keep windows up and doors locked, at thieves sometimes assault car occupants at stopped lights or signs. Do not wear flashy jewelry in public, as people will sometimes tear necklaces and the like off you. In addition, do not wear flimsy dresses, as…Read More

N'djamena, Chad: A Capital Adventure

Written by zenn on 24 Feb, 2003

This is the starting point of the journey from Chad to Senegal. N'djamena is a bustling city that still bears the evidence of past wars, as evidenced by the bullet holes and cracked walls that adorn some long-standing buildings. There is a fairly large ex-patriot…Read More

Markets and Memories

Written by binta on 03 Aug, 2002

It's difficult to end without talking about the markets. The Sounbedioune (sp?) is an outdoor market where cultural and artistic goods are sold, by master artists and artisans. I purchased expertly made leather sandals and bags. I saw both European and native design…Read More

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