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An Introduction to Ladakh - Part Three

Written by koshkha on 31 Jul, 2010

~How do I get there?~Getting to Ladakh is part of the adventure. Most people will start by flying into Delhi. There is plenty of competition for flights on the London to Delhi route and this keeps the prices fair. Since the main season for Ladakh…Read More

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An Introduction to Ladakh - Part Two

Written by koshkha on 31 Jul, 2010

~Religion and customs~As a friend commented when I sent an email from Leh, at 3500 m above sea level, there's a sense of being closer to God. Or maybe that's the lack of oxygen! I'm not sure. But since we touched on God, the…Read More

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An Introduction to Ladakh - Part One

Written by koshkha on 31 Jul, 2010

If you always assumed that India was 'tigers, taj and tandooris' then Ladakh is not going to be what you expect. The purpose of this short series of reviews is to give you just a small taste of this region and hopefully persuade some of…Read More

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Get Carried Away (And How!)

Written by graphite sea on 08 Apr, 2007

With nearly 40,000 miles of track, Indian Railways pulls off a messy game of connect-the-population dots across most of the subcontinent. Most of it…just not Ladakh. Rail travel to this region is precluded by the terrain, which toughens up as it ascends from the greener…Read More

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Ladakh: A little bit of background

Written by phileasfogg on 08 Jun, 2002

The first time I went to Ladakh, I was all of eleven years old, and not too interested in fantastic scenery and moth-eaten Buddhist monasteries. So, the fact that I came back totally besotted says a lot for the place. I went back again in…Read More

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Nubra Valley -- The Green Valley

Written by Eleven Shadows on 19 Nov, 2000

We highly recommend a trip to the Nubra Valley. The Nubra Valley ('Nubra' means 'green') is a well-cultivated, fertile valley that contains pretty little villages, a great deal of greenery, forests, wildlife, hot springs, and believe it or not -- a desert complete with…Read More

7. Pangong Lake

Written by Sabtravels on 26 Aug, 2006

Situated at almost 14,256 feet, Pangong Lake is the world’s highest saltwater lake. The lake itself is almost 150 km long with just one third of it in India, the other 100km extending into Tibet, (now belonging to China). The 160 km journey from Leh…Read More

3. The Road to Leh

Written by Sabtravels on 26 Aug, 2006

21, 22 July 2006.The past two days, I’ve been on the most grueling road journey of my life!! More importantly, I’ve been on THE most outstanding road journey of my life. Will dwell on both aspects in a bit, but first – for everyone reading…Read More

2. Kulu, Manali, Vashisht

Written by Sabtravels on 26 Aug, 2006

20 July :With the dual purpose of having an easy day as well as to acclimatize ourselves for the journey ahead we spent the day exploring the valley and Manali.First thing that strikes you about Kulu Valley is the color green. The whole region was…Read More

Part II - SriNagar to Kargil

Written by anisoft on 31 May, 2006

June 27, 2005We got up at 7 O’clock in the morning and after light breakfast took the "Shikara" to the land. None of us felt like going but our destination was Leh. With a silent promise of returning again in near future we bid adieu…Read More

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