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Checking out the "High Street"

Written by MichaelJM on 27 Feb, 2011

After we’d looked round the temple in Kalataru we decided to have a wander and check out the main town.This bustling community is still refreshingly village like in its appearance and it looked very like most of the communities that we’d passed through on our…Read More

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Our drive from the hills to the beach

Written by MichaelJM on 15 Feb, 2011

We left the grandeur of The Grand behind us and set off for the final stage of our holiday at the beach of Kalutaru. It was going to take us a full day of travelling time to weave our way down from the hills to…Read More

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A bit of local shopping

Written by MichaelJM on 13 Feb, 2011

Just outside of the hotel was a long street that was "littered" with shops for us tourists. Most of the stalls were full of local crafts and some others housed small seamstresses offering to "run up garments" overnight. The seamstresses were operating foot powered Singer…Read More

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Independence day on the island

Written by MichaelJM on 13 Feb, 2011

Ceylon was ceded to the British Government in 1815 and remained British until it was finally granted independence in 1948. In those days the pound bought 3 Sri Lankan Rupees whereas in February 2011 the exchange rate was 170 rupees to the pound. I’m not…Read More

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