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ISU Football - Tailgating Like It's Meant to Be!

Written by MilwVon on 09 Sep, 2006

ISU has quite a regional following. Tailgating begins six hours before game time, with motor homes, old converted school buses and students converging on Ames. Of course there is also the opposing team! This weekend was UNLV which does not have the…Read More

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The Ames (GOP) Straw Poll - 2008

Written by MilwVon on 14 Aug, 2007

One of the summer fundraisers for the Republican Party, the Ames Straw Poll is traditionally held right here where we live in August approximately 15 months before the national election for the United State President. This year’s straw poll was by-passed by leading GOP candidate…Read More

Destination Imagination Competition

Written by Travel Queen on 19 Nov, 2000

This world class event was nothing less than world class. There were something like 40 states and 10 other countries competing. There was a fantastic opening ceremony, on a smaller scale, but with the same idea as the Olympics. It included the…Read More

Raising Money to Go (fundraisers)

Written by Travel Queen on 19 Nov, 2000

When we learned we won at the State level on April 1st, 2000 (fitting day), we felt both overjoyed and overwhelmed. The thought of having to raise about $12,000 in 6 weeks was numbing. Due to some good leadership in our group of…Read More

The Fruit Roller Coaster (elementary team from CA)

Written by Travel Queen on 19 Nov, 2000

Our team of 7 from California had the absolute time of their lives in Iowa. One of our 7 had his first plane ride ever. That was fun for all of us to watch him on the United flight to Denver. Our…Read More

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