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Dealing with Riyadh and Saudi Arabia

Written by Overlander on 20 Nov, 2001

Living in -- or even visiting -- Riyadh requires patience, adaptability, and tolerance in roughly equal measure. If you don't possess them, don't even think about going even if for just a little while. The first thing you'll notice when you go out…Read More

The Arabian Peninsula for an “infidel” Traveller

Written by jorgejuan on 12 May, 2006

It took me almost one month to get my Saudi Arabian visa in Egypt. I decided to visit all the Arabian Peninsula countries in a row (except Yemen, where I had already been in the past): Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Oman. I…Read More

Rendezvous with a Local Arab

Written by Ahmed Nagoor on 17 Jul, 2003

Enchanting Rendezvous with a local Arab As I was giving some work to my newly acquired camera, shooting the old buildings, with the highly carved and turquoise exterior walls, some awaiting reconstruction and others crumbling down unable to with stand the test of the time, an…Read More

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Downtown Riyadh before Urban Rehab

Written by Overlander on 24 Nov, 2001

An Introductory Caveat Central Riyadh, what could be termed the "downtown business district", was pretty much totally reconstructed after the Gulf War, in large measure because of the destruction caused by Yemeni shopowners who torched their stores after receiving the news that they would all be deported after…Read More

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The Falconers' Meeting

Written by Overlander on 20 Nov, 2001

One of my favorite pastimes in Riyadh was to wander down to the square in front of the main Friday mosque early on a Friday morning to chat with the Saudis who gathered there every week to show off their birds and exchange hunting stories.…Read More

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Things to do and not to do

Written by titaniumcop on 09 Nov, 2000

You have to be careful at all times that you don`t tread on a sensitive cultural toe. Women should NEVER go out without a headcovering -- and they should wear an abaya as well. This is mandatory in Riyadh; the coastal towns are more liberal.…Read More

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Info about Saudi

Written by titaniumcop on 09 Nov, 2000

When visiting Saudi Arabia you absolutely must go shopping in the old suqs. Then visit the Nabataean ruins at Madain Salih between Medina and Tabuk. The Nabataens were the same people that built Petra in southern Jordan. When King Fahad returned to Riyadh for the…Read More

History of Jeddah

Written by Ahmed Nagoor on 17 Jul, 2003

History of Balad and Jeddah: As I walked through the silent lanes of Balad, my mind flew backward in time to think about the history of Jeddah. Present day Jeddah came into existence as a fishing village when the "Quadaa" fishermen tribe settled 2500 years ago…Read More

Shada Palace

Written by titaniumcop on 18 Oct, 2000

The Shada Palace is one of the main attractions. Although it was turned into a museum in 1987. They restored the rooms and exhibits. It looks very beautiful and it's full of regional handicrafts and household goods. Most visitors to Saudi Arabia come solely to…Read More

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