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Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

Yes, it snows in Buffalo. Some years it has snowed more than others, some less. My first year living here, there was a storm where we got 7 feet of snow in 24 hours in the city. There have also been years,…Read More


Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

There are plenty of opportunities for great theater in Buffalo. Probably the most popular theater is Shea’s Performing Arts Center. It is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places and offers tours of its architecture and history, in addition to great theater.…Read More

Parks, Museums, Zoo

Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

The Buffalo Parks System has a long history. In the 1800s, Frederick Law Olmsted envisioned Buffalo to become a "City of Trees" and planned a system of six parks, today know as the Olmsted Parks. The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is involved in maintaining…Read More


Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

Buffalo is a wonderful place for festivals. There are many events scheduled- the best thing to do is to check out the Buffalo News Discover Guide or the weekly edition of Art Voice (see my entry on Local Listings). A few festival highlights…Read More

Walking, Window-Shopping, and Great Food

Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

My husband and I love to walk. For us, a wonderful way to spend a weekend morning is with a walk down a boutique-lined street, a stop at a farmer’s market, and a cup of coffee and a newspaper at a local café. Welcome…Read More

Where to Stay

Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

Since I live here and when guests visit they stay with us, I cannot give great recommendations on hotel. I can say that if you want to be close to nightlife, you will want a hotel close to Chippewa Street so that you can…Read More

Getting Around the City

Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

This is the main drawback to Buffalo: lack of a good public transportation system. We have a subway--it runs in a straight line, and only a straight line--from the south campus of the University at Buffalo to downtown Buffalo. It does not reach…Read More

Getting to Buffalo

Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

Another great advantage to the city of Buffalo is the cheap and convenient airfare. The discount airlines--Southwest (www.southwest.com), Jetblue (www.jetblue.com), and newcomer Independence (www.flyi.com)--all fly into Buffalo. One of the all-time great deals loved by Buffalonians is the Jetblue flight from JFK (New…Read More

Day Trips

Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

There are many exciting places to go within easy driving distance of Buffalo. Niagara Falls is probably the most popular, with the main attraction of the Falls, many casinos, and nighttime light shows with fireworks. Try the Maid of the Mist boat ride…Read More


Written by Backpackingrl on 20 Jan, 2005

Football fans will enjoy a Buffalo Bills game (the stadium is actually in the Buffalo suburb of Orchard Park). Buffalo also has a minor league baseball team–-the Buffalo Bisons--with a park located in the downtown area. We really have a lot of fun…Read More

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