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Eight Days of Driving through Mewar

Written by phileasfogg on 06 Oct, 2011

Rajasthan is traditionally divided into three regions: Marwar, Shekhavati, and Mewar. Marwar is known for the business acumen of its people. Shekhavati comes second, with some of India’s biggest business magnates originally hailing from the area. (For tourists, though, Shekhavati’s main draw are its many…Read More

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Pushkar: Brahma's town

Written by phileasfogg on 12 Mar, 2011

According to Hindu belief, a trinity rules the pantheon. There is the Creator, Brahma; the Preserver, Vishnu; and the Destroyer, Brahma. Oddly enough, while Shiva and Vishnu—and even other deities of the pantheon—have plenty of temples dedicated to them across India, Brahma has only one…Read More

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Getting Around Rajasthan

Written by Leesa on 16 Jan, 2002

We intended to travel largely by train, doing a loop out of Delhi to Jaipur, Ajmer (for Pushkar), Udaipur, Jailsalmer, Jodphur, and back to Delhi, with a side trip out to Agra and back from Delhi. With one exception, all the express trains we took ran…Read More

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Camel Safari

Written by laurasmith76 on 12 Aug, 2005

I was a bit wary at first. The idea of hopping on a camel and setting out into the desert with only a strange man as a guide would have given my mother an ulcer had she known. Well, she didn't know, and…Read More

Tips for women traveling alone

Written by Quan on 14 Dec, 2000

I had purchased a couple of Indian outfits that, made out of cotton, covering me from head to toes, and came to appreciate how the loosely fit clothing allowed my body to breathe and the rare wind to cool me down (this is something I…Read More

Non-governmental organizations

Written by Quan on 14 Dec, 2000

One of the things that you may want to do in India in order to get a better flavor of everyday life, and to admire the courage of those who thrive to rise from the poverty that the general populace typically live under, is to…Read More

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Jaisalmer, The Golden City of Rajasthan

Written by Esteeve on 19 Nov, 2000

Jaisalmer was my favorite city in Rajasthan. At its center is a medieval fortress constructed of yellow sandstone that was one of the many stops along the ancient Silk Route to China. Presently it stands approximately 40 kilometers from India's border with Pakistan. Unlike other…Read More

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First stop: Mandawa's Havelis

Written by Esteeve on 16 Nov, 2000

Mandawa is not terribly big and does not offer much in the way of accommodations. In fact I had to stay at a hotel in nearby Jhunjhunu. The havelis of Mandawa are essentially extremely large homes built during the 19th century adorned with some beautiful paintings.…Read More

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Radjasthan - seat of the Marahadjas

Written by Luchonda on 03 Nov, 2001

Radjasthan has everything - from unique Tempels and Forts to marvelous Parks and forgotten desert near the border of Pakistan. It is a good transit place to travel to Nepal and Tibet - enjoy the mystery of the east.One of those mysteries is their…Read More

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Camel Safari

Written by Jeni on 15 Sep, 2000

While camels are not the most comfortable animal to ride, it was worth the pain to go on a safari through the Thar desert in Rajastan. I did a 3 day safari and thought I would never sit again. The first nights camp…Read More

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