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Checking out local craft factories

Written by MichaelJM on 15 Feb, 2011

As is usual with almost every tour that you go on the guide will find time to encourage you to call in to local craft centres and I’m sure that they get some kind of commission or introduction payment for their efforts. We were taken…Read More

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Z an Alternative Itinerary

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 20 Aug, 2006

Z-An alternative itinerary. Leave the driver at home, to watch someone tinker with his vehicle. You will need a place to relax, because life in Sri lanka is hectic. So I suggest that you find a nice guest house where you can sit in peace. I think…Read More

Things You Should Know—Last Bit

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 01 May, 2006

There are two massive eagles in the area, and a few smaller ones, and common minor birds, as well as a few more spectacular humming birds and other varieties. Sri Lanka as a whole has crocodiles, bares, panther, wild cat, shark, and whales; and in…Read More

Things You Should Know Part 4

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 01 May, 2006

Wildlife; Now this is where it gets real. People and animals belong together. You can’t really make friends with a monitor lizard, but fishes like to be fed and so do monitors. They are also impressive things to see and grow to huge sizes. Snakes…Read More

Things You Should Know Part 3

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 01 May, 2006

Statues, images, and holly smoke are as unimportant as the latest pop idol but temples are marvelous places, full of life. Often, especially with the Hindu gods, people go because they have some sort of family problem, or they want someone to be "sorted out."…Read More

Things you should know part 2

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 01 May, 2006

The worst guides are the drunken ones or drug users. Its easy to spot them and I wouldn’t talk to them if I were you. My worst one is a young boy (in his twenties) who used to follow by my side like he was…Read More

Things a traveler should know

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 01 May, 2006

Beebopbeedoobi@yahoo.com or framesps@yahoo.co.uk The golden rule is "don’t get annoyed." Travelers travel because they want to see something "new," not because they want to find their utopia. Sri Lanka is full of wonderful, surprising, and uplifting possibilities. If you want happiness, first you have to be…Read More

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On the road again

Written by OzGirl on 17 Nov, 2000

Along the way to Kandy from Colombo there is a lot to see. You will pass through villages where they sell their produce on the roadside. One of the vivid images that will stick out in my mind is the girls of the…Read More

Coastal Towns

Written by beebopbeedoobi on 20 Aug, 2006

Close to the airport and an easy first stop is Negombo, which has enough hotels/guest houses, touristy things in general and a great fish market. Also the tourist villages of Bentota and Hikkaduwa (coral gardens). Southerly from Colombo Amaduwa, not only sea but easy access…Read More


Written by beebopbeedoobi on 18 Aug, 2006

OK time to get real. No more blogging and down to the basics. Recently we had Quests from Belgium (Belgian relatives, bless em). They sent us their itinerary first, very thorough these Belgians, and planned in advance to stay a week with us. It was…Read More

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