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The Weather--no kidding!

Written by samepenny on 09 Jan, 2001

Iceland is not entirely ice covered all year long, but the weather is variable to say the lease. Based on personal experience and the warnings given in every guide book I've seen, do not begin a hike or a drive in remote places if…Read More

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Isafjordur is a Natural Wonder

Written by samepenny on 13 Nov, 2000

Can you imagine a long fjord off the North Atlantic Ocean, the sides steep with high mountains that in July still have a bit of snow? Can you imagine swans swimming free on the ocean? I can. I can remember what I saw in this…Read More

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Visitors who come by sea

Written by samepenny on 13 Nov, 2000

I've traveled a great deal around the northern Atlantic Ocean. Both to the east in Norway and Scotland and there about and to the west in Nova Scotia and Iceland. (which I think of as more west than east). I feel very much…Read More

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In Iceland, English is spoken properly

Written by samepenny on 14 Nov, 2000

I 'have' about ten words in Icelandic that are words I've carried around with me from the Norwegian I learned in Nebraska as a child. I know the words for bear, boat, fish, coffee, tea, morning, ship, night, thank you, and mother. Actually…Read More

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