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Travelling on the Bernina Express

Written by Invicta73 on 06 Nov, 2003

The Swiss public transport system is not only the epitome of the nation's famed reputation for good organisation and cleanliness, but also extensively covers what is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Therefore, it seemed to me that making a scenic railway…Read More

Trang, Soul Food in the Deep South

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 06 Jul, 2005

THE TRANG ISLES – HEAVEN WITH THE HEAT TURNED UPA Travel Photographer's Guideby Dave Underwood Planning a holiday? Fancy a tropical paradise with knockout scenery where you can do everything or nothing with like-minded travellers or just your own shadow for company? A place where the…Read More

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Four Reasons to Visit Lugano

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 04 Jan, 2002

Loitering in Luganoby Dave Underwood Geography for 20 points. Where am I? The climate is Mediterranean, the people open, carefree and passionate. The trains are never late, the gardens immaculate, and everything is in its place. Italy? Switzerland? I’ll pay either. The atlas says Lugano…Read More

italian speaking switzerland explained

Written by rhiannon1968 on 13 Mar, 2002

Let‘s start with some general data. Switzerland is a very small country in Central Europe – you have to multiply its area by 328,5 times to have the area of the USA, or by 340 to have the area of Canada. Ok- now let…Read More

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Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angioli

Written by Sierra on 26 Nov, 2005

Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angioli (St. Maria of the Angels Church, c.1490) stands where the chic Via Nassa meets Riva Via Vela, an outwardly-nondescript medieval church that has occupied this prime location facing Lago di Lugano for over 500 years. Do not let the…Read More

Mt. San Salvatore and Swiss Minitaure

Written by modeb on 05 Jun, 2006

We decided on a mega-tour today and I drew up an ambitious plan to visit 3 places: Mt. San Salvatore, Swiss Miniature Park at Melide, and the beautiful village of Morcote. It was a sunny day today unlike yesterday, and so we got a complimentary…Read More


Written by modeb on 05 Jun, 2006

We took a bus from Lugano Central to the fishing village of Gandria. It is the tiniest village I have ever seen—the only walking path in the village takes all of 15 minutes to traverse and runs in between tiny houses and restaurants piled next…Read More

Around the Town

Written by Linda Kaye on 28 Nov, 2000

Walking in Lugano is an experience of sites, sounds and wonderful aromas. I use the term "walking" but actually we were "lost" trying to find a money exchange as we needed to have a few Swiss Francs on the train ride back to Zurich.…Read More

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The Altstadt is where it is Alt

Written by Irene on 12 Nov, 2002

After soaking up sun, scenery, silence and solitude for two days at our little lakeside hideway we felt the need for a little action. Grabbing our backpacks and the camera we clambered up the scenic Via Castagnola to the bus stop. We can navigate the…Read More

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