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A Climb Up Tiger Hill

Written by MythMin on 05 Apr, 2006

The local beauty spot of ‘Tiger Hill’, said to be the number one tourist sight in Suzhou, lies to the west of the ancient city. This historical site goes back almost 2,500 years, and is lined by various ancient landmarks, from the foot of the…Read More

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34. Silk Factory

Written by Barb in BC on 11 May, 2005

NUMBER ONE SILK FACTORY A must for a visitor to Suzhou is Silk Factory Number One where it is possible to view silk production from worm to finished products before exiting through its huge silk store. We were given quite a build-up to this tour…Read More

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32. Suzhou - Tiger Town

Written by Barb in BC on 11 May, 2005

SUZHOU – TIGER TOWN A flight from Wuhan landed our group in Shanghai and we were bussed from there to Suzhou, about fifty miles west of Shanghai. Many were sniffling or coughing and others were dealing with stomach upsets that forced stops whenever a public…Read More

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The Ancient Water Township of Zhou Zhuang

Written by MythMin on 22 Apr, 2006

In Kunshan City, in the Jiangsu Province, between Shanghai and Suzhou, lies the calm and charming ancient watertown of Zhou Zhuang. It is dubbed the "Venice of the East" for the canals that run through this quaint town, being its main source of water supply…Read More

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35. East China Agriculture

Written by Barb in BC on 25 May, 2005

EAST CHINA AGRICULTURE The Yangtze Delta is a watery, tropical place. The rural landscape of this Shanghai, Suzhou, and Zhouzhaung region is intensely farmed in fascinating variations. Storage ponds serve as fish farms, while whitewashed homes perch upon the surrounding dikes. Many…Read More

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36. Zhouzhaung - Venice of the Orient

Written by Barb in BC on 25 May, 2005

VENICE OF THE ORIENT Suzhou competes with neighbouring Zhouzhaung for the title of "Venice of the Orient." Both have interlocking canals lined by whitewashed homes with gray-tiled roofs. These canals feed into the Grand Canal, which runs for 1792km to Beijing. This artery,…Read More

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33. Suzhou's Tiger Hill

Written by Barb in BC on 11 May, 2005

SUZHOU'S TIGER HILL The king who founded Wu 2500 years ago is said to be buried atop Tiger Hill. There are two versions for the naming of this park: the entrance gate resembles the mouth of a tiger with a hilltop pagoda resembling its…Read More

Suzhou Specialties

Written by travel2000 on 13 Nov, 2000

If you would like to know what to buy, here is what Suzhou is famous for: Silk Embroidery, espcially double-sided embroidery. This means the work looks the same from the right and the wrong side. These works of art are usually framed in a glass…Read More

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