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Written by Cherie Magnus on 05 Apr, 2003

1. History and Mystery 2. The Three Great Gringo Schools of Language and Art and their buildings. Housed in glorious Colonial mansions, Bellas Artes and the Instituto Allende offer classes in arts and crafts as well as Spanish language. In a smaller centuries-old house in the…Read More

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Written by Cherie Magnus on 14 Jun, 2002

It was February, but the sidewalk sign under the colonial arcade next to the Jardin in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, read BUTTERFLIES! Curiosity made me climb the stairs to Tours Mexico Colonial, where Jaime, the personable young Mexican owner of the company, was…Read More

Real street 'fiesta' in San Miguel de Allende

Written by Vikike on 29 Sep, 2005

The San Miguellada in San Miguel de Allende is a special event that happens only once a year, on the 3rd Saturday of September. Around the hours of midday, they let the bulls run on the street of this beautiful colonial town, and the whole…Read More

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Written by Cherie Magnus on 25 Jun, 2002

My first day back in San Miguel de Allende after three weeks, I ran around doing errands, unpacking, organizing. However, I wasn’t too busy to notice the hanging of red and gold satin and velvet banners from balconies along the main streets. Thinking a weekend…Read More

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Written by Cherie Magnus on 30 Jun, 2002

El Dia de los Locos is a happening each June in San Miguel, Mexico, and only in San Miguel. Even though it is celebrated on San Antonio’s Day, the thousands of people cavorting in the streets dressed like clowns, politicians, cartoon characters, and monsters…Read More

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Written by Cherie Magnus on 14 Jun, 2002

Well, I made it! After leaving work and selling my furniture as so many have done before me, Phoebe the Cat and I arrived in San Miguel de Allende to begin a new life. It had been a difficult time these past three months, having…Read More

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New Years Eve in San Miguel

Written by datnurse on 22 May, 2002

The New Year was welcomed in last night in the Jardin. Although private parties and fiestas were held at every large restaurant, we chose to join the crowd that gathered in the square. There were clowns for the children’s delight early in the evening, later…Read More

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Christmas in San Miguel

Written by datnurse on 18 May, 2002

Christmas in San Miguel is a moving and charming event that begins on December 16 with nine "Posadas" leading up to Christmas Eve. Posada literally means "Inn". It commemorates the nightly search by Joseph and Mary for shelter en route too Bethlehem and…Read More

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The Bull Taunting

Written by datnurse on 18 May, 2002

On Sunday we went to what was billed to be a bullfight. It turned out to more of a "bull taunting", but that was okay by me. 6 to 10 young hombre, clad in T-shirts and tight jeans, took on the bulls one…Read More

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We Got Egged !

Written by datnurse on 18 May, 2002

We got egged! Yep, you heard me - EGGED ! As yet another of the some 60 plus holidays a year that they celebrate here in San Miguel de Allende. This one is known as "Egg Day" and occurs about one month before Easter.…Read More

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