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Cordoba in General

Written by proxam2 on 11 Jul, 2012

Arriving in Cordoba, it's difficult not to be impressed as the Mezquita looms large on the horizon. This magnificent, former Mosque is now the city's Cathedral and undoubtedly, its most famous attraction and landmark. This was probably the main reason we were visiting the city,…Read More

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Jewish Quarter

Written by LenR on 12 Jan, 2009

The Jewish Quarter is the best-known part of Cordoba's historic centre, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and is one of the largest in Europe. To the northwest of the Mosque-Cathedral along the city wall, its medieval streets have a…Read More

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Patios of Cordoba

Written by baroudeur2004 on 06 Oct, 2007

When I was in Cordoba, I could not miss a visit of some patios in the old city because the adorable patios of Cordoba are really appealing. There are some which are luxurious others that are deeply popular, but all are original and extraordinarily clean,…Read More

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A Brief History of Córdoba

Written by Owen Lipsett on 24 Jan, 2006

History literally surrounds you in Córdoba in the form of innumerable buildings attesting to the various cultures that have influenced the city. Despite, or perhaps because of, their individual majesty, there’s nowhere that provides a sense of Córdoba’s history as a whole. Consequently, I hope…Read More

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Palm Sunday Mass at the Mezquita

Written by UK Flower Girl on 15 Apr, 2004

Where does one even start with the Mezquita? There is so much information out there that I don’t want to write the same boring thing as usual. It is such a remarkable building that it is even hard to put into words.…Read More

Patios of Cordoba

Written by jaebirdypie on 05 Aug, 2003

In Spanish culture, the patio plays a major role in family and social life. Typical Spanish homes are U-shaped and the patios are located in the center of the home. The bedrooms and living room are on the first floor. Traditional patio features include a…Read More

Our Eating Experiences in Cordoba

Written by Kez on 30 Nov, 2006

We experienced the entire spectrum in price, quality, and service in Cordoba.These included some of our least memorable meals to some little gems. Then there were prices from supremely good value through to exorbitant. The sheer number of tourists that visit would account for that.…Read More

Driving in Spain

Written by UK Flower Girl on 15 Apr, 2004

After spending the night in Madrid, we ventured down to Estacion RENFE Chamartin (train station, RENFE is the Spanish national railways) in the north of Madrid to pick up our "Coche de alquiler" (rental car) from National/Atesa. At the last minute we decided to…Read More

Medina Azahara

Written by Spaniola on 21 Mar, 2006

This is one of Andalucia's most visited monuments. Not comparable to the splendour of the Mezquita, it's more of an ongoing archaeological dig. Only about one-tenth of the former palatial city has been uncovered. It is a bus ride, 5km, out of Cordoba. Building began in…Read More

Cordoba Card

Written by Spaniola on 21 Mar, 2006

A good way of saving money and a great encouragement to see all on offer is to buy a Cordoba card. This gives you free admission to many places and a percentage off on others. You can buy a 1-day card for 17 Euros, 2-day for…Read More

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