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Museum of Eletrotechnics- School of Mines

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

This House, which used to be called "New Palace" in the past, was ordered to be built by Governor Gomes Freire de Andrade and built by Manoel Francisco Lisboa, father of the sculptor and chief architect of Vila Rica, Antonio Francisco Lisboa, the "Aleijadinho", in…Read More

Museum of Metallurgy- School of Mines

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

Located deep in the center of the Minas Gerais plateau, in this "golden heart with an iron chest", in the Vila Rica of the "Inconfidentes", the centennial School of Mines associates itself with the build up of metallurgic engineering in our country. All Brazilian scholars,…Read More

Natural History -School of Mines

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The collection of the Museum of Natural History in the School of Mines was originated from a few pieces brought in by Gorceix from the Paris' School of Mines, by the end of the 19th century. In the 40's, Prof. Moacyr do Amaral Lisboa dedicated himself…Read More

Museum of Mineralogy - School of Mines

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The assembling of the collection of mineralogy began in the School of Mines from the small amount of samples brought in, in 1875, from the Mineralogy and Geology Laboratory in Rio de Janeiro, by the founder of both institutions, the French scientist Claude Henri Gorceix. Enriched…Read More

The Inconfidencia Museum

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The idea of the independence of Brazil was brought up for the first time in Vila Rica, in the 18th century, as a result of the unfairness of the situation caused by the gold exploitation in the region. The riches were carried in huge quantities…Read More

The Public Fountains of Ouro Preto

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

Amongst the peculiarities which make Ouro Preto a town "sui generis", the numerous fountains which decorate the length of its roads and squares, still intact or already in ruins, deserve special mention. They are all of stone, some exhibiting curious carrancas or expressive inscriptions in…Read More

Listing of all Major Hotels in Ouro Preto-Minas Gerais

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

SOLAR NOSSA SENHORA DO ROSARIO Rating: ***** Address: Rua Getúlio Vargas, 270 - Rosário Telephone: (031) - 551-5200; FAX: (031) - 551-4288 Range of prices for two persons: US$180,00/US$333,00. POUSADA DO MONDEGO Rating: ***** Address: Largo do Coimbra, 38 - Centro Telephone: (031) - 551-2040…Read More

School of Mines' Museum of Science and Technology

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The School of Mines' Museum of Science and Technology, housed in the old Governors' Palace, displays precious collections in the Sections of Mineralogy, Natural History, Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, Drawing, Topography and Astronomy. The assembling of these collections began at the foundation of the School itself, in…Read More

Churches and Buildings

Written by Leomel on 22 Apr, 2006

You will be very tired by the end of the tours, for the streets of this city are made of rocks from the 1800s and are basically hills. The city is located amongst mountains, the the churches are on top of each hill. Many with…Read More

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