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Ouro Preto

Written by nas on 08 Jul, 2006

After leaving Rio, my friend and I took a short flight to Belo Horizonte, the capital of the neighboring state of Minas Gerais. From there, we spent a few days touring the colonial mining towns of Minas, the hub of which is Ouro Preto.Ouro…Read More

Chapels of Ouro Preto-Minas Gerais to visit

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

John the Baptist Chapel (Ouro Fino) The oldest temple in Ouro Preto. Possibly constructed in 1698 by the first inhabitants of this region who participated in the Antonio Dias group. Made of canga (a clayey iron ore). Chapel of Our Lady of Devotion The last of…Read More

Historic Churches of Ouro Preto to visit

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

Church of St. Francis of Assisi Built at the beginning of 1766, by the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi, the first order created in Ouro Preto. Masterpiece of Aleijadinho, who designed the plans and the outline of the facade. Paintings of Manuel da Costa…Read More

Oratories and Pass of Passion

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The supply of gold appears inexhaustible, but the taxation is abusive. By order of the king, the society organized itself in religious brotherhoods which built its churches. Felipe dos Santos and Friar Vicente Botelho react to the abuse of tax collection; spots of rebellion arise.…Read More

Directions to Ouro Preto- Minas Gerais

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

In your own vehicle Leaving Belo Horizonte, travel for approximately 20 miles along the BR-040 and, then, take the BR-356, at about 40 miles from Ouro Preto. Leaving Rio de Janeiro, travel for 240 miles on the BR-040, passing by the vicinities of Petropolis, Juiz de Fora,…Read More

The Conspiracy of Minas Gerais-Tiradentes(Martyr)

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

THE CAUSE Vila Rica was worth its name: gold seemed endless. And so was the Portuguese Government's lust for gold. Each mine proprietor was forced to pay a fifth of his earnings with gold mining. The exploitation grew ever bigger and inevitably, but unexpectedly, the…Read More

Antonio Francisco Lisboa, the Aleijadinho

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

Antonio Francisco Lisboa, better known as the Aleijadinho, was born by the year 1738 (there is no document testifying to this date). He was the son of the Portuguese architect Manuel Francisco Lisboa and a black slave which he owned, called Isabel. With a strong…Read More

Why Ouro Preto

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

Why Ouro Preto ( Black Gold )? The answer is simple: Gold ! Lots of gold which was discovered merely by chance. The Discovery Duarte Lopes commanded an expedition coming from Taubate (Sao Paulo) with the intention of capturing Indians for the slave trade. A mulatto who…Read More

Museum of Astronomy- School of Mines

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The Astronomy Section makes available to the general public one of the most valuable scientific collections of Brazil. One can find in permanent display both meridian and equatorial telescopes, one field telescope, celestial charts, globes of the Moon and of the planet Mars, dated from 1718,…Read More

Museum of Topography-School of Mines

Written by ademir on 11 Nov, 2000

The survival of man has always depended on soil. Therefore, topography (topography = detailed description of a locality) is one of the oldest sciences. It has been employed since time immemorial, by the need of tribes, nations and peoples to put limits to their agricultural…Read More

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