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Tips for Algonquin

Written by lyss710 on 25 Jul, 2001

Here are some tips I gained from my two trips: If you go, take a small journal with you to record your reflections. I still have my journal from the trip. I'm not a writer normally, but there is something about being in the…Read More

Personal Gear for Camping or Canoe Trips

Written by ms_dj on 13 Dec, 2000

I went to Algonquin Park with four teenagers (my Venturers ... a.k.a. Big Scouts) and three other adults, all people who've been involved in Scouting for many years. We generally know what to bring, and not to bring, camping. Here's a basic list for camping…Read More

All The Comforts of Home...Well, Sort of!

Written by ms_dj on 13 Dec, 2000

Last August, I went on a week-long excursion traveling through Canada's Algonquin Park by canoe. I would like to share with you a list of the items I found "indispensable". pocket-sized bottle of Purell(tm) with Aloe: it's amazing what you can get off your hands with…Read More

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Would You Spend A Week With These People?

Written by ms_dj on 13 Dec, 2000

Having just returned from a week's canoe tripping in Canada's Algonquin Park, I'd like to tell you about my travel companions. Some of us had nicknames already, or received them while on the trip: Bob:  was our "leader on water".  In Scouts Canada lingo, he has his water…Read More

Breakfast ideas

Written by lyss710 on 25 Jul, 2001

The morning before we put in, we had pancakes from a "just add water" mix with maple syrup, and it was great. We had to leave the griddle in the van while we were in the interior however, so breakfast consisted of oatmeal, oatmeal…Read More

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