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Brief History of Sao Jose' do Rio Preto

Written by enizete on 18 Nov, 2000

Beginning in 1840, mineiros(population of minas gerais),began the exploration of agriculture and domesticated animals. Founded on March 19, 1852, by Luiz Antonio da Silveira, whom donated some of his properties owned in the name of his patron saint, Sao Jose(St. Joseph),to begin a villa later to…Read More

Places to visit and enjoy yourself...

Written by enizete on 18 Nov, 2000

There are a lot of places to visit in Rio Preto. You may care to go eat at one of many different restaurants which most are of good service and good prices. With the strength of the US dollar, it makes your purchase that much more a…Read More

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The Center (Centro) of Town

Written by enizete on 02 Mar, 2001

Rio Preto is truly blessed with a wonderful center of town. Its heart is filled with trees and birds whom migrate from the United States each and every year. The beautiful water fountain is a site to see. There are many shops adjacent…Read More

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Stats for my wife's hometown for those interested

Written by ademir on 29 Jan, 2001

My wife's hometown has a population of 323,368 inhabitants, comprised of 166,114 women and l57,254 men based on its last census in 1996. Sao Jose do Rio Preto is located in the Northern portion of the State of Sao Paulo, with a distance…Read More

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How about the Country Clubs???

Written by ademir on 07 Nov, 2000

You will find Sao Jose do Rio Preto is rich with some of the regions best country clubs. Among the best, will be Palestra, Monte Libano and Automobile Club. When arriving in this city it would be very beneficial to enter one of…Read More

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Welcome to the City of Coffee and Oranges

Written by ademir on 07 Nov, 2000

This Brazilian interior city in the state of Sao Paulo is where one gets a lot of their orange juice when Florida's weather is too cold. The surrounding regions are abundant with acres upon acres of coffee plants and orange groves. To mention the name…Read More

Listing of Hotels in the city and telephone numbers

Written by enizete on 18 Nov, 2000

Hotel Saint Peter R. Ondina, 360 - Redentora 235-5000 Gran Rio Park Hotel R. XV de Novembro, 3150 234-3430 Hotel Nacional R. Prof C Ibanhez, 35 233-5111 Ipe Park Hotel Rod. Washington Luiz - km 428 266-1282 Hotel Castelinho R. General Glicerio, 4310 233-8634 Hotel King Rio Preto R. Siqueira Campos,…Read More

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