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Capitols: Old and New

Written by chadk78 on 09 Jul, 2005

A good way to acquaint yourself with the history of Mississippi is to visit the Old Capitol Museum. Constructed in 1839, this Greek-Revival building was Mississippi's state capitol until 1903. Today, it houses many exhibits about the state's history. Native-American artifacts include an authentic canoe…Read More

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Oak Grove- More than just Accomodations

Written by Linda Kaye on 24 Nov, 2000

Imagine its 1858, the long hard winter has just passed. The signs of spring are in the air and life is becoming abundantly evident. The air is sweet with honeysuckle and there before you is a magnificent and beautiful new home- Cedar Grove.…Read More

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Vicksburg National Military Park

Written by chadk78 on 10 Jul, 2005

During the War for Southern Independence, maintaining control of the Mississippi River was an absolute must for the Confederacy to survive. Likewise for Ulysses S. Grant, commander of U.S. armies in the West, it was imperative to keep the Confederates from being able to…Read More

Discovering the Old South in Vicksburg

Written by chadk78 on 09 Jul, 2005

Unlike Jackson, many of Vicksburg’s antebellum structures survived the War Between the States. Despite being shelled for 47 days by Union gunboats in the Mississippi, the city has maintained much of its historic character. During the first weeks of April and October, the…Read More

Jackson's Antebellum Jewels

Written by chadk78 on 09 Jul, 2005

Quite a few of the South’s important cities met the fate of William T. Sherman’s torch during the Great Yankee Invasion of the 1860s. Jackson, Mississippi, was one of the first of these unfortunate cities. After the town was burned in 1863,…Read More

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Driving the Natchez Trace

Written by Linda Kaye on 24 Nov, 2000

If you are traveling by car, consider the Natchez Trace for part of your journey. The Trace is a 442-miles national parkway, which runs between Natchez, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee, free of all commercialization, billboards and even towns. It is a peaceful drive…Read More

Willow Creek Ranch--Hole in the Wall

Written by nanc3679 on 17 Jan, 2006

This is truly a wonderful trip. It is amazing on how they run the ranch and work the cattle. In the winter months, they sell the cattle and move the horses up on top of the bluffs or mountains. It is so different there, as the…Read More

Our experience

Written by Susie Jane on 02 Jan, 2006

All in all, we had a good time. We played the slots in the evenings and just looked around during the day. The city is a pretty place. It is not large but has a lot of culture and history. We plan to go back…Read More

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