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TGV to Avignon

Written by TianjinPaul on 10 Aug, 2012

As my girlfriend and I planned an early summer weel-end break, we skimmed through scores of possibilities that were accessible from Nice via either plane or train. We had our hearts set on foreign fields with London or Barcelona top of the list. However, we…Read More

A Great Place for a Stroll

Written by TianjinPaul on 16 Jul, 2012

I live in Nice. I find it to be an extremely pleasant place to go for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. There is the Old Town with its wonderfully ornate old buildings and, of course, the Promenade des Anglais with beautiful palms and outrageously…Read More

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Dancing on the bridge

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 15 Oct, 2011

Avignon, the French city of the popes (who resided here officially for almost seventy years, schismatically for another forty and ruled the city and the surrounding area for half a millennium) and of the bridge from the song known in various versions all over Europe,…Read More

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Daytrip to Avignon

Written by MikeInTown on 26 Jun, 2011

For our last full day in France, we decided to do a daytrip to the town of Avignon. At this point in the trip, we had moved to an airport hotel since there were no vacancies in the city that weekend. To get to Avignon,…Read More

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Written by nrf on 19 Jun, 2006

At the western edge of Provence, 35km north-east of Arles, is Avignon, another sun-drenched French city. It is perhaps most famous for Le Palais des Papes. Constructed on the Rhone River in the 14th century, the Popes’ Palace is the largest Gothic fortress-palace in…Read More

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Roman Provence

Written by moatway on 28 Oct, 2003

The area of Bouches du Rhone is not large, but it has more than its share of Roman artifacts and sites. There are a number in excellent condition, representative of various forms of Roman public engineering and architecture. They are well worth the time and…Read More

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Does this make me a street walker?

Written by SadgeArrow on 04 Dec, 2000

OK. Maybe stalking the Japanese woman wasn't very nice. But she looked so out of place, dressed in her brightly colored kimono, bed-pillow bow and all. A little Geisha doll - in the town of the Pope's Palace? So, we…Read More

In Love in Avignon

Written by Rocket on 22 Nov, 2000

This is not a city for everyone. Lawrence Durrell, in the novel Justine, described Avignon as a stinking armpit, Le Pont d'Avignon sticking out in the water like an amputated finger. Other literary figures have expressed similar disgust with the city, but, but,…Read More

Not Far from Avignon

Written by food&fun on 04 Nov, 2000

Avignon is a good home base for exploring parts of Provence. Just 2 km. from Avignon is Villeneuve les Avignon. There you will find Chartreuse du Val de Benediction, a 14th century cloister. The self-guided tour takes you into the hallways of…Read More

Inside Avignon's Walls

Written by food&fun on 04 Nov, 2000

Avignon is famous for the Palace of the Popes and the Broken Bridge (Pont St. Benezet). There is supposedly a well-known children's song about the bridge, but I have yet to hear it. The Palace of the Popes is magnificent outside. Walk…Read More

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