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Darra Adam Khel

Written by baroudeur2004 on 22 Sep, 2007

Nowadays is maybe not the right time to go and visit Darra Adam Khel, especially with the terrorist threat. Darra Adam Khel is a gun workshop village 30km south of Peshawar in a tribal zone administrated by the Affridi tribe (Pashtos). To go there from…Read More

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The Karakoram Highway from Mingora to Gilgit

Written by baroudeur2004 on 23 Sep, 2007

In Mingora bus station, when asking for the bus going to Gilgit, I am indicated a minibus next to me. I put my luggage on the roof, and I get up. I have very little space for the legs and I know that the ride…Read More

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Taftan to Quetta by Bus

Written by baroudeur2004 on 21 Sep, 2007

After the crossing of the Iranian-Pakistani border, I had to wait for several hours in Taftan, a deadly boring dusty village full of smugglers. There are several cafeterias where I could eat and drink. However, I did not have much choice, compared to Iranian restaurants.My…Read More

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Border Crossing Mirjaveh - Taftan

Written by baroudeur2004 on 21 Sep, 2007

The border crossing Mirjaveh (Iran) - Taftan (Pakistan) was undoubtedly the most shocking experience I ever had, culturally speaking. Mirjaveh is a small but relatively clean border town on the Iranian side and it has only one huge guesthouse with empty corridors, probably the most…Read More

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Faces of Swat

Written by Overlander on 11 Sep, 2001

The people of Swat do not have an easy life. The large majority is illiterate, there is very little economic activity in the region, and additional strain has been placed on the area by the influx of many Afghan refugees since the guerilla war against…Read More

So far from home - coming to Rawalpindi

Written by themymble on 08 Dec, 2002

As we came into land, I glued my nose to the plane window and took in a reddish brown landscape speckled here with green and there with small spots of standing water. It looked dry, and hot – we were told it was 23 degrees…Read More

Rail trip to Pakistan

Written by asad sabetpour on 30 Nov, 2010

It was 1964 if my memory is correct when I at 17 crossed iran to Pakistan by train via Mirjaveh, The first stop was Taftan and we had chaparty and butter. Train ride was day and a half to Quita with unlimited number of stops.…Read More

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