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Painting Sur Red; A night out by the Omani Coast

Written by TianjinPaul on 22 Nov, 2010

Over the previous three months, I had battled my way through a tough half-semester’s teaching at a university in Northern Oman. And, over the previous three hours I had traversed the mountains of Eastern Oman as my friends and I drove to the coastal town…Read More

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An English Seaside Town

Written by TianjinPaul on 19 Nov, 2010

When I was a child, my parents often took me on vacation and on day-trips to sea-side towns in the north of England. I spent countless afternoons in towns such as Scarborough, Bridlington and Blackpool. These towns were characterized by a few common traits. The…Read More

The Road To Sur

Written by TianjinPaul on 19 Nov, 2010

With the Eid Al Haj holiday approaching, my friends and I decided to take a road trip from our base in Rustaq in the North of Oman, down the coast to the beach city of Sur, and then, out into the desert. The first leg…Read More

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The Rain Really Came Down

Written by TianjinPaul on 14 Nov, 2010

When I was a boy, my family lived on a rather steep hill. My mother still does, but I have long since moved out. One of my favourite pastimes all through my childhood and even into my early adult life was to watch the rain.…Read More

The Rain Came Down

Written by TianjinPaul on 14 Nov, 2010

Oman is dry, very dry. When I arrived in late August, the temperatures were well above 40 degrees (Celsius) and the panorama was one of cloudless blue skies falling down to a horizon of sand and dust, that stretched out and found … more sand…Read More

Censorship shocks me

Written by TianjinPaul on 14 Nov, 2010

Having lived in China and Turkey, I am used to having to deal with censorship. In China, this impacted upon me both ethically and practically. I cannot really communicate just how much it grated my soul to see Wikipedia disappear for weeks on end when…Read More

An Exercise in Futility

Written by TianjinPaul on 30 Oct, 2010

If you have read some of the other entries in this journal, I am sure you will have realized that (i) I quite like a nice cold beer, and that (ii) This is often a rather tricky process in the Sultanate of Oman. Not only…Read More

Taking Your Life in Your Hands - Driving in Oman

Written by TianjinPaul on 19 Oct, 2010

There are two truths about Oman that are pretty much self-evident. The first is that the Omanis are one of the friendliest nations in the world. The second is that they are some of the craziest and least predictable drivers on the planet. The contrast…Read More

The Speakeasy

Written by TianjinPaul on 18 Oct, 2010

Unlike some of the more conservative Islamic kingdoms to the north, Oman has a relatively tolerant policy on alcohol. Foreigners can buy alcohol either at hotels and a few licensed bars, or, they can purchase it with a license at specialised alcohol stores. As there…Read More


Written by TianjinPaul on 18 Oct, 2010

Even though this journal entry is solely about life in the Sultanate of Oman, it actually begins in the People's Republic of China. There is an ancient Confucian value known as 'mianze'. This is a concept that is unique to China. However, the closest possible…Read More

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