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The Turning

Written by TianjinPaul on 26 Apr, 2011

During my time in Oman, I would often take route 11 from my home in Rustaq to the town of Barka where there was a large supermarket and a licensed alcohol store, where I would gleefully spend the 30 O.R of booze that my license…Read More

Societal Gap

Written by TianjinPaul on 26 Apr, 2011

This particular journal entry begins on my first evening in the town of Rustaq. I had in the afternoon having spent my first couple of nights in Oman in a rather nice hotel in the capital, Muscat. After a three hour bus ride through the…Read More

The Roundabouts of Oman

Written by TianjinPaul on 15 Apr, 2011

Oman can, at times be a rather faceless country. The vast majority of its territory is made up of sprawling desert that looks like the surface of the Moon. For this reason, driving can be a rather mundane experience. There are the occasional roads that…Read More

My Little Yaris

Written by TianjinPaul on 17 Feb, 2011

It was the most tearful of fair-wells. I was leaving Oman and saying good-bye to my closest travelling companion, my car. As I handed back the keys to the white Yaris that I had rented for almost six months, I began to tear up and…Read More

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Written by TianjinPaul on 17 Feb, 2011

For tourists visiting the Sultanate of Oman, leaving is a relatively simple process. They can just show their passport at immigration and the officer will put a stamp on their tourist visa in way of cancellation. They are then free to leave. For those who…Read More

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Quad Biking in the Desert

Written by TianjinPaul on 11 Dec, 2010

This story begins as the ground opens up in front of me and I plummet twenty feet and land face down in the surprisingly warm sand of a dune that had caught me unawares with its size and the steep drop to the desert floor.…Read More

The License

Written by TianjinPaul on 05 Dec, 2010

There are few more effective ways to make yourself feel like a raging alcoholic than by walking around a quiet suburb in an Islamic city asking locals where you can find the alcohol license office. As I did exactly that, I found myself encountering so…Read More

Looking for ... something

Written by TianjinPaul on 28 Nov, 2010

Rustaq, which is situated around 150km from Muscat in the middle of the desert, is not one of the most entertaining of locales. Nightlife options and fine dining are extremely scarce. The nearest bar is 55km away, the closest fast-food joint is 65km away and…Read More

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Sandboarding - All About the Friction

Written by TianjinPaul on 27 Nov, 2010

My history with extreme sports is rather chequered. It began in 2001 in the Adirondacks in up-state New York whilst I was a student in Albany. My friends and I spent Spring Break in a cabin out in the woods hitting the slopes at surrounding…Read More

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Into the Sands

Written by TianjinPaul on 23 Nov, 2010

It is almost impossible to explain to someone who was not in the car with my friends and I just how worried I was as the sun began to set over Wahiba Sands. We were on our way to the Al Raha Desert Camp, which…Read More

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