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Roaming Around Pisa

Written by unorthodox traveler on 05 Mar, 2001

As I have shared, although viewing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and going through the baptistery and duomo, is a must-see, there are hidden treasures in this beautiful city. The attached photos tell a story of my adventures while walking without a plan or script.With…Read More

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It's a Miracle If you Are not in Someones Photo!

Written by dangaroo on 27 Dec, 2008

The Piazza dei Miracoli also known as the Piazza del Duomo is a large area in Pisa that is the main destination for tourists. Bang in the centre but a little distance from the shopping area, the Piazza dei Miracoli is a tourist laden square…Read More

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Crazy Little Building!

Written by dangaroo on 27 Dec, 2008

Torre Pendente or The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the world's most famous sights, I've been there twice - once as a child and once more recently - I have to say, I seemed to remember it being at more of an angle…Read More

Pisa Airport: the essentials

Written by savanellealragu on 23 Feb, 2005

Landing in Pisa can be very unpleasant for a traveller accustomed only to big and organised airports. Since Pisa is a small city, it has a little airport. It's functional, tidy, and clean, but really small. Anyway, I don’t think you’re interested in airport architecture,…Read More

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How to reach the leaning tower in Pisa

Written by savanellealragu on 23 Feb, 2005

This is one of the questions that a university student has to face more frequently during spring and summer. When I travel, I like to be independent from locals (even if I’m fond of getting in touch with new people), just because I like planning…Read More

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Pisa, City of Marvels

Written by hagnel2 on 27 Nov, 2004

Livorno is the closest point to Florence and Pisa, two of Tuscany’s most entrancing cities. Our first choice for this port was Florence, but due to rotating strikes, we had to go to Pisa. The shuttle bus at the port serves all cruise passengers…Read More


Written by travel2000 on 02 Nov, 2000

I only spent two hours in Pisa, one of which was spent walking to and from the train station. I then went on to see Lucca. I definitely recommend this route, as the two towns are on the same path to and from Firenze. I…Read More

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A Lot of Palazzos!

Written by dangaroo on 27 Dec, 2008

Palazzio dei Cavalieri translated into English as Knight's Sqare is a beautiful square in Pisa, one which had great importance during the medieval times and even today is the 2nd square in the city. When I visited it, I thought it was quite quiet, neither…Read More

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A Lovely Shopping Street!

Written by dangaroo on 27 Dec, 2008

Borgo Stretto is in the Santa Maria quarter of Pisa, it seems that the coach excursions visiting The Tower of Pisa just seem to drop people off at the Piazza del Duomo and ignore the city itself, obviously Pisa being in Tuscany still means that…Read More


Written by Aracanus on 03 Feb, 2006

Pisa is a must-visit! The Piazza dei Miracoli is something everyone should see in their lives. I was given the choice on my tour to visit either Pisa or Assisi, and I think I made a good decision (though I was upset at the earthquake at…Read More

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