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Road Trip from Kenya to Tanzania

Written by nofootprint on 09 Oct, 2009

Shuttle – ( Rainbow Shuttle)Nairobi to ArushaAs promised our drive arrived at 7:30 AM to take us to Arusha. What some said would be a 5-hour trip in actual fact took 7 hours. It was a rough trip for at least ¾ of the way…Read More

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Planning Your Safari: FAQs and Opinions

Written by TravelingD on 13 May, 2009

The following are questions my wife and I wrestled with while planning our safari to Tanzania or that were asked upon our return. I will not be telling you to take your camera, binoculars, insect repellent and sunscreen. If you need that level…Read More

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Olduvai Gorge and Visiting the Masai

Written by Safiri on 16 Oct, 2004

We almost didn't visit the Masai. I get shivers when I think of it. The second day of our safari was mostly driving: a long day in the jeep going from Tarangire to the Serengeti, a trip which takes you via the top of the Ngorongoro…Read More

How to plan your safari

Written by Safiri on 15 Oct, 2004

There are two ways to plan your safari on the Northern Circuit. You can do it ahead of time, finding a company through guidebooks, recommendations, and the internet, or you can just turn up at Arusha and look around there. Each of these techniques has…Read More

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What to bring on a Safari

Written by Safiri on 15 Oct, 2004

Space is limited in a safari jeep, and the small airplanes that do the hops from Dar to Arusha have strict weight limits. So here are a few thoughts to help you decide what to bring and what to trim. Clothes: People wear khaki on safari for…Read More

Diamox to Fend Off Altitude Sickness?

Written by ColoMonica on 04 Jul, 2006

In my opinion, Diamox is a miracle drug. I live in Colorado, so I am probably more acclimated to altitude than the average trekker. However, I often suffer from headaches when above 10,000 ft. A local acquaintance who's traveled extensively in high-altitude areas recommended Diamox…Read More


Written by Erin O on 10 Nov, 2005

I would recommend that you organise your safari when you get there, as it is much cheaper, although you should do it through a hotel just to ensure your safety. We went on safari in September, and there was every type of animal on view,…Read More

Kilimanjaro Airport

Written by husain on 17 Jun, 2005

The big mountain has its own airport. KIA is Africa's first fully privatized international airport. We flew in on a Precision Air flight from Nairobi. It takes less than an hour and flies over some awesome scenery, including the big mountain itself, which emerges right through…Read More

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Ng'iresi Village Tour

Written by TravelingD on 08 Jun, 2009

Ng'iresi is one of several villages in the general Arusha area that offer tourists the possibility of experiencing something of local life beyond the usual safari attractions. It's a good option, since most visitors are unlikely to just drive into a local village, start…Read More

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