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So You Wanna be a Yogi

Written by tammyhayano on 10 Apr, 2011

There's all different types of travelers who descend upon Rishikesh. On one side of the continuum, you've got people who have no intention of doing yoga (I know; weird, right?) and on the other end, there are the dredlocked, all-in-white, prayer beads on wrists, barefoot…Read More

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Getting Aarti at the Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh

Written by koshkha on 24 Nov, 2010

The 'must do' thing in Rishikesh is the daily Aarti ceremony down by the banks of the Ganga river. This takes place for about an hour before sunset and for a while after. We didn't find out quite how long it kept going because our…Read More

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Haridwar - A microcosm of Religious India

Written by actonsteve on 11 Nov, 2001

Without doubt the most striking thing about India is the religious fervour. You can witness this at its most extreme in the town of Haridwar 24km south of Rishikesh. The name Haridwar means Dwar (Gates) Harid (of God)and it is where the Ganga (Ganges) emerges…Read More

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Upstream: The Laxmanjhula Bridge and the Ganges beaches

Written by actonsteve on 11 Nov, 2001

Spend a little time in Rishikesh and you will get caught up in the devotion of it all. Thousands of Indian pilgrims descend on this little town on the Ganges and it is easy to be swallowed up in the crowds and temple rituals. To…Read More

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I’ll take the high road . . .

Written by rodeime on 03 Aug, 2003

It seems every travel story about India dwells on the unavoidable; the conspicuous, elaborate monuments, the chaotic transport and road systems, the infectious spirituality, the poverty and the overwhelming crush of humanity in a country with five hundred times the population of Australia. Sure, my recent…Read More

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Downstream: The Rhamjhula Bridge and Sri Nabootha temple

Written by actonsteve on 11 Nov, 2001

In the not too distant past Rishikesh was a quiet spiritual centre renowned for its ashrams and sadhu's. Now it is a circus - an enjoyable circus - but still a circus. The charm is still there but it is shared with hundreds of others…Read More

Holy Pilgrimage!

Written by sandhyasharma on 10 Feb, 2004

Like so many of my family and friends, I've always harboured a desire to 'return' to India and see the homeland for myself. The opportunity…Read More

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