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Amsterdam-Where Anything Goes

Written by Bev24 on 15 Oct, 2009

We literally planned our Amsterdam trip the night before we jumped on the train and headed up there. Sure it was more expensive then we thought. At 202(almost 300usd) Euros each for roundtrip train tickets only, it added more pain to the already expensive trip…Read More

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Amsterdam Top 10

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 04 Oct, 2009

People come to Amsterdam for all kinds of reasons: to see paintings and to get stoned, to admire the 18th century canal houses and to see the best examples of the modernist style, to eat Indonesian food and to sample the dubious delights of the…Read More

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Boat, Bike, Tram and Bus: Transport in Amsterdam

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 04 Oct, 2009

It's easy – and pleasant too - to walk or cycle in Amsterdam, while public transportation system includes excellent tram network, metro (subway) and canal bus boats.The centre of Amsterdam, where most of the attractions, sights, entertainment and night-life is concentrated, is easily walkable. In…Read More

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Amsterdam Museum Picks

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 04 Oct, 2009

Amsterdam has over 50 museums, covering everything from Van Gogh to prostitution, Rembrandt to beer, diamonds to Anne Frank, modern art to marijuana. You are not likely to want - or be able to - visit all or even most of them during your visit,…Read More

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Guidebook reviews: Rough Guide to Amsterdam

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 08 Sep, 2009

This Rough Guide is as comprehensive, up to date and well researched as most if not all Rough Guides seem to be. I have used numerous examples of their guides and I found them to be among the best if not the best ones there…Read More

iAmsterdam vs Museumkaart

Written by tvordj on 22 May, 2009

In many of the tourist guides and brochures, you will see a lot of promotion for the "iAmsterdam" card which gives you a free pass to most of the major museums and some attractions in Amsterdam and includes a transport pass for the Metro and…Read More

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Arnhem and the Folk Museum

Written by tvordj on 22 May, 2009

The Arnhem Openluchtmusem (Open Air) is in the outskirts of the city of Arnhem, about an hour away by train. You then have to go to the nearby bus station and take a city bus, a number 3 that says Altveer on the front. Watch…Read More

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Quiet Places, High Places and Lots of Tasty Food

Written by tvordj on 22 May, 2009

I really wanted to find a courtyard called the Begijnhof. In the 12th century, this began as a religious retreat for women. It wasn't quite as strict as a convent, the women were not nuns though did have to vow chastity and obedience to the…Read More

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First Full Morning in Amsterdam

Written by tvordj on 22 May, 2009

Didn't sleep all that well though the bed was comfy. I think i had too much caffeine late in the day yesterday. We had an early start. Breakfast isn't included in the hotel rate so we went into a pub type place a few doors…Read More

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Visiting Amsterdam - Arrival

Written by tvordj on 22 May, 2009

The plan is to spend three nights in Amsterdam though not three whole days. We arrive later on a Sunday afternoon and leave mid afternoon on Wednesday. On Tuesday we are heading to Arnhem for a day trip involving an Open Air folk museum so…Read More

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