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Living for less in Amsterdam

Written by PeaceLoveTravel on 03 Jul, 2013

I’m really not sure what we were thinking when we planned a backpacking trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam – three of the most expensive European cities going. But alas, they are stunning places and who could realistically say no to the Paralympics in London…Read More

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Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

Written by Slug on 04 Aug, 2012

I'm always a little nervous about flying into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as it is one of the largest airports (actually 17th biggest in the world, and 4th biggest in Europe handling almost 15m passengers each year), and one of the worst for a reputation for…Read More

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A long wait in Schiphol

Written by Praskipark on 04 Jul, 2012

You think the thought of having to spend 21 hours in an airport would scare most people unless they were Mehran Karimi Nasseri or Tom Hanks. Both these chaps have spent hours, days, weeks, even years in a terminal. You may remember Mehran Karim…Read More

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Delay in Amsterdam

Written by Praskipark on 03 Jul, 2012

Having spent a 10 hour wait in Schipholl Airport we were so pleased to actually get on the huge KLM plane that was going to fly my husband and I to Shanghai. The stay in the airport hadn't been too bad and we coped very…Read More

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Amsterdam has it all!

Written by Slug on 05 Feb, 2012

I've been lucky enough to have visited Amsterdam three or four times to get the measure of the city. I struggle to find anywhere else that has the sheer diversity of Amsterdam.Old world charm? Yes, just wander along one of those canal streets lined with…Read More

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An introduction to Haarlem

Written by fizzytom on 29 Nov, 2011

Haarlem is an old city, gaining its city rights in the thirteenth century. Its ancient buildings have been looked after well, although some of them have been extensively rebuilt after fires destroyed them. Visually it's like Amsterdam in miniature but has the advantages of being…Read More

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A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market-Garden

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 04 Aug, 2011

As of September 1944, The Netherlands had been occupied by German forces for almost 4 1/2 years. During this time most of its Jewish population had been deported to Westerbork in the eastern part of the country and eventually to the death camps at…Read More

A night in Rotterdam

Written by Jctravel1983 on 16 Dec, 2010

If you go to Rotterdam for a weekend, then do something with the 'nightlife' in Rotterdam.Let me tell you about were I was on a Friday evening and night in Rotterdam. Las PalmasFish restaurant Las Palmas is at the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Here…Read More

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Visiting Groningen

Written by jipp05 on 09 Nov, 2010

Groningen city is the capital of the Groningen province in The Netherlands.For someone looking to take a short European city break somewhere different from the usual suspects of Amsterdam/Paris/Rome etc. then Groningen may just be what you are looking for.Groningen has a small airport but…Read More

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Smoked Eels, Cheeses, Sex Shows and Art!

Written by yourhydra on 05 Aug, 2010

So I’m going to skip all the terrible parts such as the eight-hour flight that had four babies on it, all surrounding me, who took turns to throw hysterical crying fits. Amsterdam is beautiful. It also possesses many peculiarities that some North Americans would definitely…Read More

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