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Two Delicious Beverages!

Written by Barb B on 07 Nov, 2000

Trieste is the home of two very important and delicious products. I know you will enjoy them! AMARO PRAGA- Strada per Laghetti 3, Muggia, Italy Beautifully faceted, colored crystal bottles line the shelves of bars and Enoticas throughout Northern Italy. These bottles contain a popular…Read More

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A view from down under

Written by iandsmith on 14 Oct, 2004

Ah, it all turned out wrong. I had a tentative meeting lined up with Croisbeauty and Banjo, fellow travellers, but something went wrong. During the first full day I had there, I checked in religiously every hour and a half with my hotel, to no…Read More

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Outdoor Market and Architecture

Written by Linda Kaye on 21 Nov, 2000

A short walk from our hotel was Capo di Piazza, an area that was closed off to vehicle traffic for an outdoor market on the day we visited. Vendors were selling items that included hand-woven scarfs, wind chimes, wood items, glassware, paintings, and other gift items.…Read More


Written by Barb B on 25 Nov, 2000

My introduction to the Bora was in December 1999! Past trips to Trieste had always been in Summer--this was my first Winter trip and my first meeting with the "Bora". For unsuspecting visitors to Trieste, the Bora is that terrible cold wind that blows…Read More

Lets Talk About Salami!

Written by Barb B on 11 Nov, 2000

Every region of Italy has its own special cured meats and sausages, each differing as widely as the regions themselves. Wherever you travel, you will find a range of cured hams, sausages, bacons and salamis hanging from ceilings, each with regional variations. Because…Read More

Interesting History

Written by Linda Kaye on 21 Nov, 2000

Trieste was originally built as a Roman port by Emperor Augustus in the 1st Century BC. After the dissolution of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th Century AD, it fell to Attila, King of the Huns. For the next 700 years, it was under…Read More

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