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Studying Spanish at Llama Education: A Highly Enjoyable Experience

Written by Owen Lipsett on 03 Feb, 2010

Although it's easily the most pleasant place I've spent time in Southern Peru, my purpose in coming to Arequipa was to improve my Spanish rather than to sightsee. Indeed, the two can be mutually exclusive to a certain degree. Cuzco attracts far more…Read More

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A Brief Introduction to Peruvian Food

Written by Owen Lipsett on 03 Feb, 2010

Although it's justifiably growing in popularity abroad, too often Peruvian food either calls to mind either inexpensive pollo a la brasa (spit roasted chicken) or expensive (outside of Peru) ceviche (raw fish "cooked" in lemon juice sometimes mixed with aji). In honor Arequipa's status…Read More

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Across The Pata Pampa Pass

Written by Liam Hetherington on 10 Jul, 2007

One of the downsides of visiting the Colca Canyon is the trip there. As an isolated set of communities, there is only one road there. Which means that there is only one road back. Visiting Colca between Arequipa and Cusco, it is dismaying…Read More

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La Merced

Written by WitlessWanderer on 05 Sep, 2005

In my travels through South America, I frequently came across the symbol below in churches and religious art. Back in Seville, I had seen the same symbol. It's clearly a connection with the Spanish occupation, but what was it? This intrigued me, and I did some…Read More

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