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Maribor & World War 2

Written by fizzytom on 20 Apr, 2013

The effect of the Second World War on Maribor can be seen in a number of ways. Most generally it’s true to say that the development south of the Drava is post war, that part of the city having sustained heavy damage, so there you’ll…Read More

Unearthing a Slovene Controversy - Trg Generalna Maistra

Written by fizzytom on 06 Oct, 2012

Being rectangular, Trg Generalna Maistra is one of Maribor’s more conventional squares, though thanks to the effect of changes to Maribor’s traffic system, it’s often mistaken for an extension of nearby Trg Svobode . It’s easy to find, just behind the castle and Partizanska Cesta.…Read More

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Lent - an overview of the Old Town of Maribor

Written by fizzytom on 09 Nov, 2011

In Maribor Lent is the name of the city’s historic old quarter on the northern bank of the Drava, and a two week arts festival held every year around the end of May/beginning of June, of which the majority of events are held in that…Read More

Rotovski trg - A Handsome Short Cut

Written by fizzytom on 05 Sep, 2010

In Slovene "trg" means "square" or "place", the equivalent of a Spanish "plaza" or an Italian "piazza"; it’s pronounced "turg". Rotovški trg (in Slovene the second word of a name is not capitalised) is basically the "town hall square" although the "front" of the…Read More

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Trg Borisa Kidrica - Just What Is that Monument?

Written by fizzytom on 26 Apr, 2009

If you arrive by train the sombre and striking monument in Trg Borisa Kidrica may be the first sight you see in the city as this square is directly opposite the train station which, in fact, forms one side of the square. It’s an attractive…Read More

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Trg Svobode - The Sadly Under-Used Heart of Maribor

Written by fizzytom on 25 Apr, 2009

With there being several squares in the centre of Maribor it's easy to think, on first visiting the town, that you've hit the heart of the town, only to find another bigger and more impressive square. I would say that Trg Svobode - literally Freedom…Read More

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The Maribor Pohorje Cable Car

Written by fizzytom on 21 Oct, 2008

If you don't feel inspired to get to the summit like the locasl do - on foot - there's always the option of the cable car. Whenever we have friends and family staying with us in Maribor, the cable car is one of the first…Read More

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