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Chefchaouen Chilling

Written by Heather F on 12 Jun, 2007

Plaza Uta el Hammam, is the main square on which Chefchaouen's medina is situated. It is also lined by cafes and souvenirs on one side while the Grand Mosque and kasbah dominate the other side. Being so central, it is a great place to sit…Read More

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Exploring Chefchaouen's medina

Written by Heather F on 12 Jun, 2007

The narrow, winding, cobbled streets that make up Chefchaouen's medina are an ideal place to wander. Home to most of the town's population, the alleys are quiet except for the occasional playing children, as there are no cars. Instead, gas cylinders and crates of Coca…Read More

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Photographing the blue of Chefchaouen

Written by Heather F on 12 Jun, 2007

With the blue and white walls, cobbled streets, steps leading to doorways, old wooden doors, and elegant archways, Chefchaouen is a photographer's delight. In fact, the problem is what to snap, but beware of the shadows. It doesn't matter where in the medina you go,…Read More

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Hike to Chefchaouen's mosque ruins

Written by Heather F on 12 Jun, 2007

Past the earthen walls surrounding Chefchaouen's medina, and through Bab al-Ansar, the eastern gate, past the Ras el-Maa river where women are hard at work washing their clothes, a trail leads to ruins of a mosque above the village. It takes about half an hour…Read More

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Written by HobWahid on 18 Feb, 2004

Deep in the heart of the Rif Mountains lies the oft-forgotten town of Chefchouen. During the time we spent planning our journey through Morocco, not once did Chefchouen even register on our list of places to go. It was hardly a blurb in most of…Read More

Smoke City!

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Hidden in the mists of the Moroccan Rif Mountains, is the city of Chefchaouen. But is that really mist or is it just the remaining smoke of the kif (hashish) from the night before? Chefchaoeun (more commonly known as chaoun), is a blue and white…Read More

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Kif in the Rif: The Non-Smoker's Hike

Written by midtownmjd on 26 Jun, 2009

Chefchaouen (or Chaouen, as it's more often called in Morocco) is known for two things: its blue-and-white-splashed medina and its cannabis. Having explored the lovely medina extensively, we set off on a guided hike in the Rif Mountains to learn about the city's cannabis culture.…Read More

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