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Wet Carnival in Sorata

Written by SeenThat on 20 Feb, 2012

Wet Carnival in SorataAgainst all odds, at the beginning of 2012 I found myself still in La Paz. That meant carnival time, and a wet one for that. This rainy season is turning out as being the epitome of its kind, with overflowing rivers rushing…Read More

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Reaching Sorata

Written by SeenThat on 31 Oct, 2010

"Saarja, Bye" ("I’m leaving, bye" in mixed up Aymara and English) I was told. Yet, after a while, I found myself returning to Sorata.TransportFrom La Paz General Cemetery there are minivans leaving for Sorata; they can be found one block away from those leaving for…Read More

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The Community of Millipaya

Written by SeenThat on 27 Jun, 2007

Rural BoliviaRural Bolivia is divided in counties, which are very loosely administered from a central village called the county's capital. Surrounding it are the "communities," tiny villages that are essentially autonomous in their affairs. The influence of the central government on those is minimal and…Read More

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Trekking in Sorata and Bolivia

Written by SeenThat on 27 Jun, 2007

BackgroundIn the past I trekked extensively in Nepal, including the long version of the Everest Base Camp Trek. When I first arrived to the Andean High Plateau, the resemblance I found between Bolivia and Nepal was striking. The Andean Mountains seemed to be a…Read More

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Traveling to and within the Sorata Region

Written by SeenThat on 26 Jun, 2007

Driving in BoliviaSpecial considerations should be kept in mind while driving in Bolivia. The roads are generally narrow and of a very low quality, and that means that the frequent encounters with drunken drivers, speeding buses or badly trained drivers are extremely dangerous. The best…Read More

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Sorata: the Single Postcard Village

Written by SeenThat on 26 Jun, 2007

The DreamInvariably, Bolivians mention Sorata as one of the most beautiful places in their country. They compare it to a mythical Shangri-La, placed in a narrow, faraway - almost lost - valley in the mountains. They will describe a difficult trip to a remote, magical…Read More

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