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Downtown Oruro

Written by SeenThat on 16 Jun, 2007

Downtown Oruro is remarkably less colonial than other major cities in Bolivia, maybe due to its relative lack of importance. 3700 meters above the sea level and roughly at the center of the Andean plateau, Oruro features a cold, windy climate; the burning rays of…Read More

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Carnival in Oruro: Diablada

Written by SeenThat on 15 Jun, 2007

Carnival is the main – and some say the only – attraction in Oruro. UNESCO recognized it as a Human Heritage event and due to it the city is called the Folkloric Capital of Bolivia.La Diablada takes place on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday and…Read More

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Sleeping in Oruro

Written by SeenThat on 16 Jun, 2007

In my several visits to Oruro I failed to find suitable accommodations. There are two areas featuring hotels. The main one is next to the bus terminal and the second is next to the train station. The first is by far more attractive, despite the…Read More

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Sheraton Restaurant

Written by SeenThat on 16 Jun, 2007

Located in front of the bus terminal, the Sheraton Restaurant is handy and offers good meals. In Bolivia that means they serve the same dishes as everybody else but that they use better ingredients and serve larger quantities. The prices here are roughly twice the…Read More

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