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Pound for Pound - pigging out by the kilo

Written by Amaj on 15 May, 2005

Like me, you may be initially a bit dubious about eating in one of the by-the-kilo restaurants that are so numerous in Brazil, simply because common experience of buffet food in England is mostly bad. School dinners, for example, or work canteens where the chips…Read More

How to get to Buzios

Written by ademir on 23 Oct, 2000

You may arrive at Buzios by many methods, land,sea or air. By Car (From Rio de Janeiro) Approximately one hour and fifty minutes from Rio de Janeiro. After passing the toll on the Rio-Niterói bridge, take a left in the direction of Rio Bonito. Soon after…Read More

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Petropolis - Imperial seat of the Brazilian Emperor

Written by actonsteve on 01 Feb, 2003

The most visited attraction in Brazil isn't Rio's Sugar Loaf or Iguacu Falls--it's the Imperial Palace in Petropolis. This is the Brazilian equivalent of Hampton Court or Versailles, an attraction which draws visitors away from Rio or Buzios for a bit of gentility and culture. The…Read More

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Hiking in the rainforest - the Serra dos Orgaos NP

Written by actonsteve on 01 Feb, 2003

The major argument at the dinner table that night was what on earth was our jungle guide talking about? He described an animal found in the NP that came down to the river to poach trout. It was very furry and had a long tail…Read More

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Rua de Perata - bikini shops, surfboards and beachbuggies

Written by actonsteve on 01 Feb, 2003

Whatever you do...do not hit the Rua de Perata until after midnight. After the witching hour the entire street is bursting at the seams. People spill from bars, dance to samba, parade in bikinis and drink cocktails in the street. Music throbs from pulsating bars, people…Read More

a method to get some good prices to buzios mega-resort

Written by ademir on 30 Nov, 2000

I have found from looking that one can obtain a good price to this resort via a link at www.skyauction.com They have several locations where one can get a hotel-only package at quite a bargain. assuming you already have your airfare. They also have some packages…Read More

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