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From Commercialism to Catholicism in a few miles

Written by MichaelJM on 21 Nov, 2013

It was back in 1975 that tourism hit Mauritius and it was here in Grand Baie that commercialism hit the island And as it was on route for our northern tour of the island it seemed churlish not to stop off and have a quick…Read More

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A beginners course in birdwatching

Written by MichaelJM on 18 Nov, 2013

There were only half a dozen or so different varieties of birds around our hotel but it provided easy bird-watching and there antics proved to be fascinating. I took one step closer to fight my fear of birds. Over the last few years I've progressed…Read More

Walking the beach

Written by MichaelJM on 08 Nov, 2013

Our hotel was set in the middle of a large bay and in a hop skip and a jump from the hotel reception we could be on the fine silky sand of a Mauritian beach. Well don't let me deceive you too much, because, although…Read More

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A strange and colourful phenomenon

Written by MichaelJM on 26 Oct, 2013

One day I went down to the beach a little earlier to take a few photos of the Hindu temple (see separate review) and was amazed to be "greeted" with a strong and unpleasant smell. It was a bit like rotten fish, but not quite…Read More

A walk to Belle Mare

Written by MichaelJM on 26 Oct, 2013

The village of Belle Mare was only a short walk from our hotel. You can walk On the beach of by way of a tree clad avenue between the beach and the road. Having walked the beach on a few occasions we decided one late…Read More

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How to travel the island

Written by MichaelJM on 19 Oct, 2013

As a group of four we had a little debate about how best to see the island. A friend had visited Mauritius several years ago and had loaned us his travel guide and he had strongly advocated the use of public transport. However, I'd run…Read More

All-Inclusive - an experience

Written by MichaelJM on 14 Oct, 2013

We've enjoyed several all inclusive holidays in the past but I'm not sure that I've ever written about the all-inclusive experience. There are of course several positives the main one being that once the holiday has been payed for the holiday expenses are down to…Read More

Sunshine in Mauritius

Written by MichaelJM on 10 Oct, 2013

After a 12 hour flight from Gatwick Airport in the UK our first glimpse of the small island of Mauritius was through the heavily misted windows of the BA airplane. It was just after 5.00 am and already the temperature was in the early 20's,…Read More

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Written by Jolantka on 26 Sep, 2011

The first glimpse of magnificent Mauritius is available from the air, as Air Mauritius lands just after sunrise. And what a view it is! Enough to tantalize the curiosity for more spectacular views and inquisitiveness as to what else the island has to offer. Here…Read More

Mascareignes Islands

Written by jorgejuan on 20 Jun, 2006

Rodrigues Island is located in the south of the Indian Ocean, at 2,500km from continental Africa, 3,500 from India, 5,000 from Australia, and 5,000 from Antarctica. But it is worth the effort to get there if you are looking for unspoiled places. The islands of Rodrigues,…Read More

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