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Stories and Tips Malta

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Towns to Visit

Written by dkm1981 on 11 Nov, 2009

There are so many fascinating places to visit in Malta, that just one week wasn't enough to cover them all. However these are the places that we did visit and I believe that all of them should feature on any prospective visitor's list:-Qawra and Bugibba-…Read More

Malta - The Lowdown

Written by dkm1981 on 11 Nov, 2009

My first experience with Malta was as a child and I had fond, if not a little vague, memories of it. It was with this in mind that I decided to take advantage of a cheap package deal to the small island in the Mediterranean.…Read More

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A Gem Of An Island

Written by dkm1981 on 11 Nov, 2009

No holiday in Malta is complete without a trip to Gozo, a smaller island to the south. It can be reached by any number of organised boat trips from almost anywhere in the island, however the cheapest way to get there is by the ferry…Read More

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Salt Pans of Gozo

Written by UK Flower Girl on 13 Sep, 2009

After landing on Gozo, we headed to the north of the island. Our guidebook mentioned salt pans. Neither of us had ever seen a salt pan so intrigue brought us there more than anything else.What we found was simply spectacular. From the…Read More

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Western Gozo Coastal Attractions

Written by UK Flower Girl on 12 Sep, 2009

On the western coast of Gozo there are several natural attractions in one small area that can be seen at one time: Azure Window, The Inland Sea and Fungus Rock. This is a Nature Reserve area with protected status.The area called Dwejra is…Read More

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Pharmacy for Illness and a Special Surprise

Written by UK Flower Girl on 12 Sep, 2009

I am not one to frequent a doctor's office. If I am ill I would rather let it run its course than go to the doctor for anything. I had a terrible winter for flu, colds, sinus and chest infections. I thought…Read More

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Written by Travelenthusiast on 16 Mar, 2007

If you are going to Malta and you enjoy a little exploring, I highly recommend taking a trip to Gozo, a slightly quieter island than that of Malta, and beautiful in its own right. The ferry to Gozo (Mgarr) from northern Malta (Cirkewwa) runs regularly…Read More

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Exploring Malta and Gozo!

Written by sylvia13 on 23 Aug, 2006

We took a taxi at exactly 5am on Feb 20, 2005, to go to the airport and it was a bit scary when the driver went through a stop sign on the way! His only comment? “Next time”! We flew north to Frankfurt first and…Read More

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Valletta: Marvelous Malta

Written by hagnel2 on 25 Mar, 2005

Malta is an archipelago of three islands situated in the eastern Mediterranean; its location between Sicily and the African coast has made it a strategically important territory for centuries. The islands were once part of the Roman Empire and St Paul is said to…Read More

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A sprawling suburb

Written by marif on 27 Sep, 2005

Named Rabat by the Arabs in A.D. 870 and deprived of protective walls, Mdina's suburb is a country village that has changed constantly over the years. With a character of its own, it provides visitors with plenty of interesting sights and attractions and gives a…Read More

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