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Stories and Tips Malta

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Getting around in Malta

Written by NiceGinna on 03 Nov, 2010

The only thing scarier than riding in the local buses might be driving with one of the buses headed right at you. These drivers blast their horns and keep on going. It's quite a ride. But it IS the best way to…Read More

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Going to (a) Gozo

Written by fizzytom on 04 Sep, 2010

Gozo is approximately one third the size of the island of Malta and can be reached by means of a twenty minute ferry ride from a small harbour situated at the northern tip of Malta. It’s possible to take one of Malta’s distinctive yellow buses…Read More

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St. Julian's - Pretty but with Little Substance

Written by fizzytom on 02 Apr, 2010

On Malta's east coast, nestled in the next bay north from Sliema, is the resort town of St. Julian's. Sliema and St. Julian's blend into one another imperceptibly such is the level of development on this part of the island. Just after arriving in Sliema…Read More

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The Yellow Buses of Malta

Written by fizzytom on 10 Mar, 2010

One of the first things that visitors to Malta notice is the fleet of cheerful yellow buses that cover the whole island, especially the very distinctive older ones. Thanks to these buses and the relatively small size of the island, getting around by public transport…Read More

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Mdina - the Fairly Silent City

Written by fizzytom on 09 Mar, 2010

Malta has had a turbulent history with one group of invading forces after another setting its sights on the little archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean. Almost every headland has some kind of fortification, many of which can be visited by the public, but…Read More

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Dishing the (Dog) Dirt on Sliema

Written by fizzytom on 03 Mar, 2010

Holiday resorts cluster on the eastern coast of Malta and this area has the densest concentration with one resort merging into another. A strip of concrete a mile wide pushes up against the rocky coastline; there are no sandy beaches. There are a couple of…Read More

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Written by michaelhudson on 09 Feb, 2010

My guidebook called Floriana "a quiet little town that feels like a suburb of Valletta" and that was pretty much what it was. There were monuments to dead airmen and independence, a Roman square with stone columns spaced about like stumps in a forest clearing,…Read More

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The Three Cities

Written by michaelhudson on 09 Feb, 2010

When Charles I of Spain invited the Knights of St John to take possession of Malta, Birgu was the place they chose to settle, fortifying an area that swelled to become the Three Cities of Cospicua, Senglea and Vittoriosa, renamed in celebration of the Great…Read More

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From Rabat to Attard

Written by michaelhudson on 09 Feb, 2010

Cross back over Howard Gardens and you're out of Mdina and into Rabat, a small town with only three things worth seeing. On the traffic-spoiled main square is St Paul's Church and Grotto, a large, gloomy place designed in Baroque style and built above…Read More

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The Silent City

Written by michaelhudson on 08 Feb, 2010

Mdina is Malta's oldest city. Inhabited by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Sicilians, it was the island's capital before the Knights of St John arrived, and remained home to much of its nobility.The first of Malta's citadels remains heavily fortified, enclosed by high walls and…Read More

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