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Beguiling Guilin

Written by Bill Pfeffer on 23 Feb, 2009

Boarding the express bus to Yangshuo for a day trip, it was painfully obvious that all the seats were taken, yet the optimistic driver emphatically waved us on. Along with a dozen other locals, we submissively followed him to the rear of the bus, sliding…Read More

Bravo Holiday Inn Spa

Written by kylebarber on 06 Jul, 2001

When I went downstairs to work out in the gym, I was dismayed to find very little equipment and that the facilities were closing early. But the "health sauna" staff suggested I get a massage for 500 yen, and for a full ninety minutes…Read More

The limestone peaks of Guilin

Written by Quan on 10 Jan, 2001

The limestone peaks depicted in many brochures are justly famous. The spectacular landscape, dominated by perpendicular stone outcroppings known as the Jade Mountains, that seemed to jut straight out of the green, undulating Li River, immediately recalled the gracious brushwork of China past.…Read More

Exciting Longji Terraces Day Tour!

Written by Aquilania on 18 Dec, 2008

I went to Longji Terrace two weeks ago. The terraces are absolutely incredible, they are all located on mountains which are over 700 meters high. When I was in the shuttle bus which sent us to the start point I could see the deep valleys…Read More

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Wonderful Trip in Yangshuo, China

Written by ppppd on 17 Apr, 2010

I see there many friends are confusing on tours in Yangshuo Guilin. I lived there for almost 2 years, so I share some my ideas here. For what to see and what to do in Yangshuo, as well as when to go? Many friends…Read More

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Dragon Boat Festival Only in Yangshuo

Written by freetrekker on 13 May, 2009

Day 1 Upon arrival at Guilin airport, my buddy James and I directly drove to that so-called "the Palace of Natural Arts". When we walked step by step and looked at beautifully or strange rock formations, we couldnt help imaging that we were into…Read More

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